Watch the Al-Ahly and Al-Taraji match broadcast live today 06-26-2021 in the African Champions League

Turbo June 26, 2021 June 26, 2021
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Description: The meeting of revenge and rehabilitation esperance vs ahly in the Champions League, watching the Al-Ahly match and Tunisia’s Esperance live broadcast
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Watch the Al-Ahly and Al-Taraji match broadcast live today 06-26-2021 in the African Champions League

The meeting of revenge and rehabilitation esperance vs ahly in the Champions League, watching the Al-Ahly match and Tunisia’s Esperance live broadcast in the match that takes place at nine o’clock in the evening at Cairo International Stadium, as part of the second leg competitions for the semi-finals of the African Champions League, on our website Yalla Shot Today

Al-Ahly club presented a high-caliber match in the first leg despite the difficult events that occurred before the meeting. The Red Genie presented a defensive and offensive match at the highest level and was able to come out victorious with a goal without a response, and is on the cusp of qualifying for the final round of the tournament. The Red Genie appeared more Seriousness on goal, fierceness and a desire to reach the final for the second year in a row and retain the title that he headed last year. Al-Ahly strengthened its positive numbers against Tunisian Esperance in Rades, after winning 5 matches against Esperance at Rades Stadium out of 9 matches that Al-Ahmar played against a champion Tunisia.

Al-Ahly will search in today’s meeting about repeating the victory over Tunisian Esperance and confirming its qualification for the final with merit, especially since the red team restored the services of Mohamed Hani, the right-back of the team, who missed the last match due to injury, and Al-Ahly has players among its ranks at the highest level, starting with goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy. Badr Bannon, the strong central defender, Ali Maaloul, the top scorer, the financial tank Aliou Diang, the great midfield player, the winning striker Mohamed Sharif and the hardworking playmaker Mohamed Magdy Thaksha, all of them are players of the highest level and are able to lead the team’s ship to win the match and reach the final scheduled to be held in Morocco.

Al-Ahly’s results in the tournament indicate that he is the first candidate to win the title, as he beat Esperance in his stadium and among his fans, and before that he ousted South African Sun Downs from the quarter-finals of the tournament after he was the most likely candidate to win the title and crown the championship this year, especially since he It includes high-level players, the South African coach of Al-Ahly armed with striking force and announced the team's list for today's meeting, which came as follows, Mohamed El-Shennawy - Ali Lotfi - Mustafa Schubert - Mahmoud Wahid - Ahmed Ramadan Beckham - Rami Rabia - Yasser Ibrahim - Ayman Ashraf - Badr Banoun Ali Maaloul - Hamdi Fathi - Walid Suleiman - Hussein Al Shahat - Aliou Diang - Amr Al-Sulayya - Mohamed Magdy Afsha - Akram Tawfik - Taher Mohamed Taher - Junior Ajayi - Mahmoud Kahraba - Mohamed Sharif - Salah Mohsen - Walter Bwalya, Al-Ahly's technical staff feared The hasty return of Mohamed Hani despite his participation in the team’s training the day before yesterday, in addition to the continued absence of Marwan Mohsen due to injury,Red genie lovers on a date withWatch Al-Ahly match today in the beloved Red Club tournament.

The expected formation of Al-Ahly against Esperance

Goalkeeper: Mohamed El-Shennawy

Defense lines: Ali Maaloul - Badr Banoon - Ayman Ashraf - Akram Tawfik

Midfield: Hamdi Fathi - Aliou Diang - Amr Al-Sulayya

Forwards: Taher Mohamed Taher - Mohamed Sherif - Salah Mohsen.

The history of Al-Ahly and Al-Tarji matches... an overwhelming superiority for the red genie

Al-Ahly met with Esperance in 21 matches, and the Red Genie has the lion’s share of victories over the Tunisian champion, as Al-Ahmar managed to win 9 matches, lost in 4 matches, and tied in 8 matches, all of which are numbers that show how strong and superior Al-Ahly is over the Tunisian team.

The date of the Al-Ahly and Esperance match and its carrier channels

The whistle of the Al-Ahly and Al-Tarji match will start at nine o’clock in the evening, Arab Republic of Egypt, at ten o’clock in the evening, Saudi Arabia, at seven o’clock in the evening, local time for Greenwich. And our site, Yalla Shot Today .

On the other hand, Tunisia’s Esperance is facing today’s meeting in a very difficult situation after the harsh defeat that the Tunisian team received in the midst of its stadium and in front of its fans in the last round. .

The Tunisian team did not perform the expected performance in the first leg, and the postponement of the match for more than an hour due to the riots caused tension in the Tunisian team and its players appeared at a level completely far from the level expected and expected of them, and the team will look for the attack and nothing but the attack with the defensive balance in order to visit the net Mohamed El-Shennawy and returning to the match again and preserving his chances to continue his adventure and qualify for the final Tunisian club fans are waiting to watch the Esperance match today and we will transfer it to you on our website.

The Tunisian team played strong matches in the Champions League and was able to top its group in the Champions League, in which the "great" Zamalek team was present, and had it not been for the recklessness and laxity of Al-Abyad players in some matches, besides Esperance's laxity in front of Mouloudia, the white knight would have been in the final, and in any case Esperance reached the semi-finals A final at the expense of Algeria's Chabab Belouizdad after winning them with a penalty shootout after losing the first leg with two goals without a response, and winning the second leg with two goals without a response.

Tunisian newspapers said during the past few days that the Tunisian team will make some adjustments to the formation after the disappointing level in which the team appeared in the first leg. Esperance is missing the services of Taha Yassin Khenissi, who is facing a penalty from the Confederation of African Football, with a one-year suspension for it was proven that he had taken banned substances during the team's meeting with Mouloudia Algiers in the group stage.

The expected formation of Esperance against Al-Ahly

Goalkeeper: Farouk Ben Mustapha

Defense Line: Hamdi Al-Naqaz - Elias Al-Shetti - Khalil Shamm - Amin Togay

Midfield: Foussini Coulibaly - Ghilan Chaalali - Abdel Raouf Ben Ghaith

Forward line: Anis Al-Badri - Abdelbaset - Ghaylan Al-Shaalali

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