Learn about the most common symptoms of people recovering from Corona

 Learn about the most common symptoms of people recovering from Corona

A study issued by the University of Bergen in Norway revealed that there are many symptoms that continue to accompany you even after recovering from the Corona virus, as it was found that 50% of infected adults may suffer from persistent symptoms due to infection after 6 months of recovery, according to what was reported on the Medical website. Express.

The study indicated that those infected during the first epidemic wave suffered from some symptoms that continued to haunt them for six months after recovering from infection, as researchers confirmed that more than 50% of young people up to the age of 30 years are still suffering from persistent symptoms after six months of illness. Mild to moderate due to the Corona virus.

The study identified the most common symptoms that remain with patients even after recovery, which are loss of smell or taste, fatigue, shortness of breath, poor concentration, and memory problems .

The researchers emphasized that there was a significant association between elevated antibody levels and symptoms in home-isolated patients, and other symptomatic risk factors such as asthma or other chronic lung diseases.

The study confirmed that patients who were not admitted to the hospital, 30% of them suffered from fatigue, which is the most common symptom, and children under the age of 16 years suffered less long-term symptoms than adults.

The researchers explained that cognitive symptoms were among the most prominent persistent symptoms after recovery from infection, and include poor memory and difficulty concentrating, especially for young people at school or university.

The study recommended the necessity of obtaining vaccinations for the Corona virus, which leads to reducing the spread of infection among the infected and alleviating the severity of symptoms in the elderly.


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