Watch – a sex clip of “Fifi Abdo” in an Iranian movie

Watch – a sex clip of “Fifi Abdo” in an Iranian movie

Kuwaiti media, Laila Ahmed, shared her followers through her account on the Twitter microblogging site, a video clip in which she claimed that it was for the artist Fifi Abdo.

"Leila" commented on the video, saying: "Fifi Abdo in an Iranian movie in the seventies, and Gogosh, the Iranian pop singer, is smiling and smoking."

#Fifi_Abdo in an Iranian movie in the seventies and #Gogosh, the Iranian pop singer, Qaida smiles and smokes #Laila_Ahmad 

It is worth noting that Fifi Abdo recently announced her return to belly dancing on theatres, and Fifi Abdo appeared for the first time in the cinema through the movie “The Message” in 1976, and continued her work in the cinema through a large number of films such as: “Tal Al-Aqrab”, “One Woman Does Not It is enough,” “A Woman’s Hell,” “A Woman and Five Men,” “Ghajar,” “Setat Street,” “Yamin Divorce,” and others. She also participated in numerous plays in the theater through the plays: “Young Woman,” “Hazmni Ya,” “Keshta and Honey.” ”, “Onal Honeymoon”, “Haret Al-Alam”, and in the TV series: “Al-Haqiqa wa Al-Sarab”, “Al-Sitt Asilah”, “Lifeguard”, “Kid Al-Nisa” and others.


نبذه عني: أنا عاصم صاحب موقع (منذ قليل) أعيش فى أم الدنيا مصر.

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