11 People Die Every Minute.. The “Hunger Virus” Outperforms Corona

11 People Die Every Minute.. The “Hunger Virus” Outperforms Corona

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The charity Oxfam has announced that 11 people die every minute around the world from starvation. The London-based organization issued a report entitled "The Hunger Virus Multiplies", on Friday.

The report indicated that 11 people die every minute due to starvation around the world. He pointed out that the deaths of hunger every minute exceed the deaths of the Corona virus, which causes the death of 7 people per minute.

According to the report, conflict remains the main cause of hunger since the outbreak of the pandemic, which has pushed more than half a million people into famine-like conditions, and a more than sixfold increase since 2020.

Syria and Yemen are the most hungry

In the Middle East and North Africa region, where the effects of the coronavirus have pushed 45 million people into poverty, while several conflicts continue to rage, Syria and Yemen are among the countries with the worst hunger rates in the world.

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Oxfam found that Syria experienced the fastest growing hunger crisis in the world, as hunger rates increased by 88%, while three out of every five Syrians, or 12.4 million people, are currently facing cases of acute hunger.

Yemen is the second largest food crisis in the world, with blockade and conflict causing staple food prices to rise by more than 100% since 2016. While more than 16 million people in Yemen are expected to face crisis or worse levels of food insecurity. general.

Starvation is a weapon of war 

The report indicated that the Corona epidemic and the climate crisis caused an increase in global food prices by 40%. He explained that global military spending has increased by $51 billion since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, which is enough to cover 6 and a half times what the United Nations needs to fight hunger.

The report stated that about 100 million people living in conflict areas are at risk of starvation. The organization added that countries in conflict such as Ethiopia, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen, where humanitarian aid is denied access to civilians, and starvation is used as a "weapon of war". 

According to the same report, "Warring parties continue to use starvation as a weapon of war, by depriving civilians of food and water and impeding humanitarian assistance. People cannot live in safety or find their food when their markets are bombed, their crops are set on fire, or their livestock killed."

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