29 dead, 17 missing in military plane crash in Philippines

Turbo July 04, 2021 July 04, 2021
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29 dead, 17 missing in military plane crash in Philippines

A Philippine military official announced that 29 bodies were recovered at the crash site of a military plane carrying soldiers in the south of the country on Sunday, while 17 people are still missing, according to the "Reuters" agency.

Brigadier General William Gonzalez added that 50 of those on the plane were taken to hospital for treatment, expressing his hope that more survivors will be found.

Earlier, Philippine military chief Cirilito Sobijana said a C-130 military transport plane crashed after it could not land on the runway amid attempts to regain control of it.

The incident took place a few kilometers from Jolo airport in the southernmost province of Sulu, where the army has been fighting a long war against Islamist militants from the Abu Sayyaf group and other factions.

Army spokesman Colonel Edgard Arevalo ruled out any indication of an attack on the plane, but said an investigation into the accident had not begun and efforts were focused on rescue.

Source: "Reuters"

Source: agencies 

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