4 Easy Ways to Cool Down Quickly to Beat a Heat Wave

4 Easy Ways to Cool Down Quickly to Beat a Heat Wave
Hot weather and sunshine


With the hot weather continuing to hit the country daily, many people should be aware of prolonged exposure to the sun, which may cause sunburn and heat stress.


According to the report of the British "Express" website, health authorities advised people to stay away from the sun during the hottest hours from 11 am to 3 pm, or to participate in exercise during these times of the day. 

Here are simple ways to cool down quickly in a heat wave 

1. Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is essential regardless of whether it's too hot or not. Having 8 cups a day not only helps calm you down but will help you focus better. Avoid tea or coffee, because caffeine causes you to become dehydrated.


2. Freeze a hot water bottle

Just as you would in the winter, try using a hot water bottle and turning it into a cold water bottle. Freeze it instead of filling it with boiling water, and put it on your feet.


Your feet and ankles are especially sensitive to heat, as they have many pulse points, so applying cold compresses soothes all over your body.


3. Close the blinds to keep out the sun


Close windows and blackout blinds, can help reduce the temperature in your home, keep a fan close by to compensate for the lack of breeze from closed windows.


Open the windows again in the late evening when the temperature has cooled to allow cool air to circulate.

4. Put an ice bowl in front of the fan


One very effective trick to cool yourself and your surroundings is to place a bowl of ice and water in front of a fan. This works because when the ice melts, the breeze coming from the fan picks up the cool air coming from the surface of the ice. It may not be as effective as air conditioning, but it works well enough to fend off The worst temperature in the weather.

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نبذه عني: أنا (عاصم) صاحب موقع (منذ قليل)، الذي يهدف إلى توفير محتوى متميز ومفيد في مجالات مختلفة. يسعى الموقع إلى تقديم المعلومات بطريقة سهلة وواضحة للجمهور، وتحفيز النقاش والحوار حول المواضيع المطروحة.

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