5 Reasons Behind Tooth Erosion, Know and Avoid it, Most Notably Eating Acids


5 Reasons Behind Tooth Erosion, Know and Avoid it, Most Notably Eating Acids
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Many people, of different age groups, not only the elderly, complain about the erosion, melting and falling of their teeth during eating or throughout the day during work or rest, and those who suffer from this condition are always looking for the reasons, which are usually due to the person's wrong eating habits.

According to the “ health line ” medical website, teeth falling and melting have many causes, most of which are environmental, as they depend on:

1- The patient's eating quality.

2- His age, especially with age, which directly affects the teeth.

3- His psychological state and exposure to stress and depression, and resorting to rubbing the teeth together, which leads to erosion.

4- The structure of the formation of the teeth of a person.

5- Eating acidic and solid foods, which affect the erosion of the enamel layer.  

The site explained that his feeling of severe pain is one of the main causes of which is usually a hereditary factor, and that the teeth have a defect in their composition that led to the weakening of the enamel layer or dentin, and makes the teeth vulnerable to erosion from the effect of any contact with them, whether during food, or using a toothbrush and others, and often What are these "milk" teeth ?

The latest studies have confirmed the need to follow a number of tips to prevent tooth erosion, including:

1- Follow a healthy diet and do not drink excessive amounts of soft drinks .

2- Stay away from acidic substances, which we use as a kind of appetizing flavor and sometimes to speed up digestion .

3- Eating some types of fruits such as apples and bananas, which help to adjust the acidic environment of the mouth .

4- Reducing the use of teeth whiteners, which increase tooth erosion .

5- Brushing after eating and regularly 3 times a day, choosing the type of good brush according to the type of teeth and gums.


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