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Description: Every new mother needs to enjoy her new baby's sleep, and is always looking for things that will make his sleep calm, so that I can rest without distu
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Every new mother needs to enjoy her new baby's sleep, and is always looking for things that will make his sleep calm, so that I can rest without disturbing. 

In order to be able to accustom the child to SLEEP throughout the night, there are a number of ways and steps that you must follow for a period of time to reach that happy night in which your child sleeps and does not wake you up at night and wakes up smiling in the morning, which are as follows: 

1- Establish a BEDTIME ritual : 

The infant takes a while to be able to differentiate between night and day, but this should not remain beyond the first four months of his life, as the young child begins to prefer SLEEPING periods in the evening, and you begin to establish rituals for the infant’s sleep, such as bathing and wearing pajamas, and telling a story or singing A song and so every day, until the little one gets used. 

2- Weaning off the pacifier: 

Despite the benefits of the pacifier in calming the infant at the beginning of his life, it has a side effect, which is causing the little one to wake up several times during the night when it falls from his mouth, and then he starts crying, until he wakes up and puts it back to him again, so it is better after the first three months of life Your child is completely weaned off the pacifier.

3- Use White Noise:

If your little one wakes up at the slightest sound around him, then this is the right time to use white noise for your baby. These audio clips can be downloaded from the Internet and played every evening at bedtime, so that your baby gets used to the sounds at bedtime, and these simple noises calm him down. It's a new routine for him.

4- Avoid resting your baby for a long time. 

If your child wakes up to play at 4 am and it takes you to stay with him for a long time to get back to sleep, you need to change his calming routine.

So if he wakes up and is sure that he is fine and does not suffer from any physical problems or wetness, leave him until he returns to sleep again on his own, he may cry a little at first, but soon he will get used to the new system. 

Bearing in mind that your little one may suffer from separation anxiety with each time he develops a new skill, such as baby crawling, walking, etc., so prepare to return to sleep disorders again and treat them in the same way every time. 

5- Stop breastfeeding in order to sleep: 

You may think that breastfeeding your little one is the quick way to get him back to sleep, but what will happen is the opposite, and he starts crying more than once, wanting to go back to your lap.

So you have to separate between breastfeeding and SLEEPING completely, and when it is bedtime, put the little one to bed and watch him every few minutes until he sleeps calmly, and he will calm himself and sleep without feeding after that.

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