A Great Feature of "WhatsApp" Coming Soon... What is it?

A Great Feature of "WhatsApp" Coming Soon... What is it?
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From “WhatsApp” .. a feature waiting for photos and videos

  • Photos and videos lose some of their quality when they are sent via WhatsApp.
  • The app will release a feature that offers quality options when sending photos and videos

The future version of the applicationWhat's UpMore ability to control the amount of pressure it applies to photos and videos sent.

As it is known, photos and videos lose some of their quality when they are sent via WhatsApp, which is what the new version of the application will find the ideal solution for.

According to the “WABetaInfo” website, the new version that will be provided for the “Android” system, will provide 3 quality options when sending photos and videos, which are:

1- Automatic (recommended): The application detects what is the best compression algorithm for videos and images.

2- Best Quality: The app always sends videos and photos using the best available quality.

3- Data saver: When you enable data saver in Android settings, the app compresses videos and photos before sending them.

If released like this, the feature allows you to put more pressure on your media if you're skeptical about internet speeds or data limits, or reduce the amount of compression to ensure images or video are sent in the highest quality possible.

Currently, you can avoid WhatsApp compressing photos and videos, by changing the file extension to send it as a document instead of an image or video.

There is currently no word on when an official release of the feature will appear, and the WABetaInfo report specifically relates to the Android beta app, not iOS.

Given the parity of features between the WhatsApp applications, it is unlikely that development via iOS will be very far.aitnews.


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