All The Details We Know About The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

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Description: There is no doubt that a large number of phone users, specifically fans of the Korean giant, " Samsung ", are waiting for the next launch of Samsung's
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All The Details We Know About The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3


There is no doubt that a large number of phone users, specifically fans of the Korean giant, " Samsung ", are waiting for the next launch of Samsung's third generation foldable phones "Galaxy Z Fold 3" and "Galaxy Z Flip 3", which we have seen many leaks on the Internet recently. past. Through some sources on the Internet, it became clear to us that Samsung was able to register a new patent for one of its foldable phones by developing a rotating selfie camera that allows the ability to shoot from all angles. In order to inform you, this technology is expected to be from the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, but there are reports indicating that it will be from the Z Flip 3 and some other sources indicate that it will be from the Z Flip 4.

In any case, we are not here today to talk about the Galaxy Z Flip 3, but we are going to talk about the details of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, especially since there are many users in the Arab world who love this phone and wish they were able to acquire it this time. Continue reading this article and you will have a near comprehensive idea of ​​the phone which includes the official announcement date, details about the rear camera unit, front selfie camera, pricing predictions, etc.

The date of the announcement of the phone


At first, let's remember that the first version of the Samsung foldable phone was titled "Galaxy Fold" and then the company decided to change the name of its foldable phone series to "Galaxy Z Fold 2" - that is, adding only the letter Z to the name. Is it possible that the same thing will happen in the third version of the phone or not, this question we do not have a definitive answer to. But all the leaks confirm that the name of the next Samsung foldable phone is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. 


In any case, the only thing we are sure of is the date of its official announcement, which will be during the second Samsung Unpacked event this year, which is expected to take place on August 11. The upcoming Samsung Unpacked event will see the announcement of Samsung foldable phones and is also expected to witness the official announcement of the Galaxy Buds 2 wireless earbuds and two new smart watches Galaxy Watch 4 Standard Edition and Sports Edition.

phone design

The first leaks that appeared on Twitter last May for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 did not bring with it many surprises, as it seemed that the phone comes with the same design as the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which looks open like a book and will be very similar to a phone The current generation, however, there are fundamental differences worth mentioning here.

Where it clearly seemed that there was support for the S-Pen and the triple camera design from the back seemed to be thinner than the current generation phone, and there is a perforated camera from the front at the bottom of the screen, and therefore this is the second production line for Samsung phones without the “Note” series that also gets the Support for S-Pen. After that, some new photos of the phone appeared, which confirmed the correctness of this information, but not that there is support for the S-Pen

Not only that, but it indicated that the S-Pen may already be included with the phone and that the pen will be shipped with the phone to the consumer. It makes sense, especially since Samsung this year backed away from providing any Note phone.


Despite this, some new leaks appeared on 91Mobiles for the phone, in which it appeared that there is no place to keep the S-Pen with the phone, which means that the possibility of the pen with the phone diminished once a second. This means that there is no physical place in the phone to keep the S-Pen, and it is likely that the company will take the exact same approach that it took with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Phone specifications

Recently, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 phone passed through the FCC, and through it many specifications appeared, which are expected to be the phone's share. These leaks confirmed that the phone already supports the S-Pen feature, support for UWB, NFC, sub-6GHz, mmWave, 9W reverse charging, and there is the presence of the MST technology required for Samsung Pay users.

In addition, the Federal Communications Commission has confirmed that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip, and rumors - or rather, odds are - indicate that this could be a high-performance Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip. Then it turned out that the phone supports 25W charging only. Some of the leaks that appeared after that for the phone confirmed that the phone had already received a high rating for water and dust resistance “IP68”, which is the current leading standard for all top-class “flagship” phones.

As for the camera configuration, it was revealed to us through the leaks that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 did not get a real upgrade in the rear imaging unit and that it contains the same imaging unit as the current generation Z Fold 2, and therefore this means that we will have 3 sensors on the back precisely 12 megapixels. At the same time, this means that the phone will not be able to capture 8K videos since any phone requires at least a 33MP sensor in order to be able to capture and process 8K resolution.

As for the front camera, it is likely that it will be at the bottom of the 16-megapixel folding screen, and in this way the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the first phone from Samsung to come with a perforated camera at the bottom of the screen from the front. 


Price and availability

Fortunately, Samsung has been very positive about the pricing of its phones in 2021 and so far, and it turns out that the Galaxy S21 series phones came at a cheaper price than the Galaxy S20 series phones. As for foldable phones, the price of the current generation Galaxy Z Fold 2 phone came at $1.999, which is the same price as its predecessor, the Galaxy Fold. Expectations indicate that there is a high probability that there will be no change in the pricing process.

But since Samsung is trying as much as it can to make up for the Note users category, there is a good chance that it will lower the price a bit to gain the satisfaction of this category of users. At the same time, the company may update its trade-in system for users who want to exchange their current Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Fold phones with a new generation phone.

Despite all that has been said, there are some rumors that indicate that the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will not be less than $2,388 USD and this is for the version that has 256 GB storage, as for the 512 GB version it may reach to $2,573. As for the launch date of the phone, it won't be too far away once the phone is announced at the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event on August 11th.

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