An American study: The Secret to Avoiding Obesity Lies in The intestines

An American study: The Secret to Avoiding Obesity Lies in The intestines


Have you ever felt like you did everything in your power to shed extra pounds ? Or maybe you had trouble maintaining your weight after the diet? It's easy to blame your motivation or think your lifestyle habits are the main culprit, but new research suggests that one of the reasons you may not be able to reach your target weight has to do with protein in your gut.

And a new study, published in  Scientific Reports, found that a protein produced in the stomach called GKN1  may be to blame for not getting the results you hoped for.

These findings are an example of how to better understand the gut microbiome and the physiological aspects of obesity, said study author David Boone, assistant professor of microbiology and immunology at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

The study author and his team of researchers conducted an analysis of the microbiome using mice, one group containing the protein GKN1 and the other not. The researchers measured food intake, calorie extraction, blood sugar, insulin, triglyceride levels, body composition, and even counted the number of calories they burned. mice.

According to the study, mice that did not have the GKN1 protein weighed less, had lower levels of total body fat, and higher percentages of lean muscle even though they ate the same amount of food as the protein group. More interestingly, the no-protein mouse models were resistant to weight gain when they were placed on a high-fat diet .


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