Call Of Duty Mobile Announces its Sixth Season, The Heat

Call Of Duty Mobile Announces its Sixth Season, The Heat
Call Of Duty The Heat

Activision has shared details of the upcoming Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6 event titled The Heat. The new season will bring the long-awaited Zombies mode Undead Siege back to Call of Duty: Mobile.

The new event, Undead Siege, will be tested on the secluded Battle Royale map, where players have to fight and survive against zombies for five days and five nights. Players will need to scavenge for supplies and equipment during the day and battle waves of the zombies after sunset.

In addition to that, guns and turrets will help defeat the zombies as they get stronger, and players can also earn more than 25 rewards including the short Ether machine weapon scheme and the Zombified Tank Dempsey skin, which will be titled Undead Siege later in the season.

Surprise Season 6 Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6

Alongside the new event mode Undead Siege will be two new multiplayer maps, Stack. Slums The Slums map is the classic map from Black Ops 2 and features streets and a central fountain.

While the Stack map is a semi-symmetric map that was first introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which takes place in the desert training facility.

Furthermore, the new season of Call Of Duty Mobile will come with the Heat Battle Pass, which contains the Swarm Scorestreak at level 14, the MX9 quick-fire functional weapon at level 21, as well as the AK-47 Epiphany and the Rugged calling card, and also includes minion skins. Revolutionary, KN-44 - Clout, MX9 Stone Serpent weapon blueprints, and more.


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