Comparing Vivo V21 With Mi 11 Lite And Galaxy A52 - Who Is The Best?!


Comparing Vivo V21 With Mi 11 Lite And Galaxy A52 - Who Is The Best?!

After all the mobile companies have launched their new phones in the middle category.. Today we will make a comparison that will show you the best mobile that you can buy from the price of 5 to 6 thousand pounds with the lowest possible sacrifices..or in other words, the best integrated mobile that you can buy in this price category.. and the mobiles are Vivo V21 , Galaxy A52 and Mi 11 Lite !

the design :-

When you come to see the 3 designs, you will find yourself falling between 3 elegant and respectable options without too much flashiness.. The V21 and Mi 11 Lite have their backs made of glass and their frames are plastic.. All Samsung is plastic.

The lightest and thinnest is Mi 11 Lite, followed by V21, and the last of them is Samsung A52, but all of them are reasonable and acceptable.. I mean, one of them is not quit at all.

The cameras are almost the same as some of them all.. they are all reasonable, and they all have cases in their boxes.

The Galaxy A52 is the best in water resistance, with IP67 certification, and the Mi 11 Lite is IP53-certified against light splashes. As for the Vivo V21, there is no approved certification.

Evaluation :-

Galaxy A52 rating 2 out of 3 due to the certified water resistance certification

Mi 11 Lite rating 3 out of 3 because it has the lightest weight and glass and has a light resistance to water splashes

Vivo V21 Rating 2 out of 3 because of the glass, but there is no certificate of water protection

the screen :-

The 3 screens are 6.5 inches with a resolution of FHD + .. and the 3 screens operate at a frequency of 90 Hz, the Vivo V21 is the least in the form of the screen because of the notch .. The notch is made because of the optical stabilizer in the selfie camera.

The Mi 11 Lite is the only one with a screen of one billion colors.. Samsung Galaxy A52 is the only Super AMOLED and the rest is AMOLED.. The Vivo V21 is the only one that supports HDR10+.. Each one has its own point.

But in reality, we tried the 3 screens side by side.. The best screen of them is the Vivo V21 screen, and then the Galaxy A52 screen.. The Mi 11 Lite screen is a little farther from them.

Evaluation :-

Galaxy A52 Rating 3 out of 3 because it is an integrated screen

Mi 11 lite rating 2 out of 3 because the colors are not the best

Vivo V21 rating 2 out of 3 because the notch looks old

the performance :-

Galaxy A52 Processor Snapdragon 720G .. Mi 11 Lite Snapdragon 732G .. Vivo V21 MediaTek Dimensity 800U .. Altalat 4G .. The speed of the Vivo V21 in reading and writing of the internal space is the best.

The best mobile among them in daily performance is the Vivo V21.. The mobile is very smooth and soft to use in an unnatural way.. Then the Galaxy A52 with stable and stable performance.. In the end, Mi 11 Lite, which sometimes you will find at the speed of the V21 and sometimes you will find it slow and this is due to the instability of the Xiaomi interface .

All of them play games with almost the same settings, and among them, PUBG works on High HD.. The best of them in playing games is Galaxy A52 and then Mi 11 Lite.. Both are almost the same efficiency, the V21 is in the last place.

Daily performance evaluation:

Galaxy A52 rating 2 out of 3 because it is not the fastest

Mi 11 Lite rating 3 out of 3 for the lightest interface and the fastest daily performance

Vivo V21 Rating 1.5 out of 3 because it is not stable

Rating in games:

Galaxy A52 rating 2 out of 3

Mi 11 Lite rating 1.5 out of 3 because it is the hottest one of them

Vivo V21 rating 1 out of 3 because of its modest performance in games

Safety and other factors:

Vivo V21 offers the fastest fingerprint under the screen.. and the Faceunlock is a missile.. The second fastest fingerprint in the Mi 11 Lite is on the power button and the Face Unlock responds well.. The last position A52 does not offer the fastest means of security.

Mi 11 Lite and Galaxy A52 have NFC, but the V21 is unfortunately not.. The Mi 11 Lite and the A52 have a stereo sound, and the Mi 11 Lite offers the loudest sound.. The V21 has a Mono voice in the last place.

The Mi 11 Lite has an IR blaster, the rest doesn't have an FM radio, the Galaxy A52 has an FM radio, the A52 doesn't have a 3.5mm headphone jack, and the rest doesn't come... The V21 has an earphone in the box.

The proximity sensor in the 3 mobiles is not the best.. the 3 are late, but we can say the A52 is the best of them..and the Mi 11 Lite and the V21 together after the A52.

Communication networks and Wi-Fi .. Vivo No. 1 with every sweep, the second place Galaxy A52 .. and in the end the Mi 11 Lite.

Assessment of safety factors:-

Galaxy A52 rating 0.5 out of 3 because it's slow

Mi 11 Lite rate 2 out of 3

Vivo V21 Rating 3 out of 3 because it is the fastest

Evaluation of sensors and networks:

Galaxy A52 rating 2 out of 3

Mi 11 Lite rate 1 out of 3

Vivo V21 Rating 2.5 out of 3

the battery :-

The 3 batteries are not very big. The Galaxy A52 has a 4500 mAh battery, the Mi 11 Lite 4250 mAh battery, and finally the Vivo V21 has a 4000 mAh battery.

Away from the difference in the size of the batteries.. you will not feel an actual difference between them.. it is possible that when the A52 takes a little while on your use, you will feel the best of them, but the differences are not great.. the 3 mobiles will be enough for you with 7~8 hours of open screen.

The chargers.. Mi 11 Lite and Vivo V21 have 33 watt chargers that charge in an hour.. The A52 supports 25 watts of charging, but it has a 15 watt charger, but in the box it charges in only a quarter of two hours.

Evaluation :-

Galaxy A52 rating 1 out of 3 because of the slow charging

Mi 11 Lite rating 2.5 out of 3

Vivo V21 Rating 2.5 out of 3


We see the remaining cameras.. The 3 mobiles have a 64-megapixel rear camera with an F/1.8 lens slot.. The A52 and the V21 have a stabilizer.. The Xiaomi is not available.. The A52 has the best wide-angle lens of 12 megapixels.

The Samsung selfie is 32 mega-pixels with an F/2.2 lens slot, and the Xiaomi is 16 mega-pixels with an F/2.5 lens slot, and the Vivo is 44 mega-pixels with an F/2.0 lens slot, and it is the only one that has an optical stabilizer in the selfie and a dual LED flash as well.

First, the best wide-angle lens will be in the Galaxy A52 by sweeping.. As for shooting in various modes, the A52 is superior to the main lens than the rest.. But in night photography, it is superior to the Vivo V21 due to the excellent Night Mode in it.. As for the Mi 11 Lite, there are points He outruns them very little.

As for the selfie, the Fa Mi 11 Lite is less with a clear difference than the competitors in the selfie.. In the high lights, the A52 does not adjust colors very much, but the HDR is excellent. The V21 adds touches to the pictures to make their look better.. As for the low lights, the V21 is very excellent, the details are not The best, but the image in general is usable!

You can watch the comparison video in which a detailed comparison of the 3 cameras is available

For video shooting

Back camera rating:

Galaxy A52 Rating 2.5 out of 3

Mi 11 Lite Rating 1.5 out of 3

Vivo V21 Rating 2 out of 3

Front camera rating:

Galaxy A52 rating 2 out of 3

Mi 11 Lite rating 0.5 out of 3

Vivo V21 Rating 2.5 out of 3

Mobile prices:

Galaxy A52 128 GB version with 8 GB RAM at a price of 5300 pounds

Mi 11 Lite 128 GB version with 8 GB RAM at a price of 5100 pounds

Vivo V21 128 GB version with 8 GB RAM at a price of 5700 pounds

The 3 mobiles with their 128 GB versions compete with each other.. The V21 is the most expensive simple thing because it is still coming down, but soon its price will burn in the shops, and the 3 mobiles support two 4G SIM cards or one SIM with a memory card.

Price Evaluation:-

Galaxy A52 rating 2 out of 3

Mi 11 Lite rating 3 out of 3

Vivo V21 Rating 0.5 out of 3

Final opinion:

Overall Rating:-

Galaxy A52 total 22 points

Mi 11 Lite total 21.5 points

Vivo V21 total 22 points

When do you buy the Galaxy A52? If you want an average mobile in every way, a popular and well-known mobile in stores, with the least possible defects.. What can bother you is the fingerprint and the speed of charging the battery.

When do you buy Vivo V21? If you use normal social media, videos, and light daily use, not games.. the mobile performance is very smooth, excellent in the network, the speed of the fingerprint and the selfie camera, and the screen is excellent, but it looks old.

When do you buy Mi 11 Lite? If you want to save money, because this is the most important feature in it, a light and delicious mobile phone.. and if you love the Xiaomi company in general and love its interface.


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