Curly Hair 15 Natural Recipes.. Try it

Curly Hair 15 Natural Recipes.. Try it
curly hair


One of the ways to care for curly hair is to pay attention to the application of hair masks that are used from the goodness of nature. Natural recipes come to the fore because they do not contain chemicals and other harmful substances that may harm the health of the hair, so you can use some of the natural recipes for hair care, the most important of which are:

curly hair natural recipes 

Honey and olive oil recipe

Mix honey with olive oil to become a homogeneous mixture. We can put it on the hair from the beginning of the scalp with a massage to the end of the ends, then we cover it with a plastic bonnet and leave for 30 minutes, then wash it with shampoo and water well.

Banana and olive oil

Mash a banana with a little olive oil and distribute the homogeneous mixture on your hair for 30 minutes, then leave it to dry and then wash your hair well with water and shampoo. You can repeat the recipe twice a week to enjoy faster and better results.

Henna recipe

We prepare a bowl with a little henna with an appropriate amount of water and leave it overnight to obtain a cohesive dough, then add an egg and a little yogurt to increase the benefit, then distribute and leave on the hair for an hour and then rinse it well with water and shampoo.

Avocado and yogurt

Crush two avocados and mix them with two tablespoons of yogurt until it becomes a homogeneous mixture, and then distribute the mixture on the hair and leave it for an hour and then wash it well with water and shampoo, and for a better result, repeat the process twice a week.

Green tea

We boil some green tea leaves, then filter it and leave it to cool. After washing the hair from shampoo with lukewarm water, we can rinse it for the last time with green tea water. Green tea is one of the important ingredients in repairing damaged hair, and you can use the recipe when needed.

eggs and milk

We bring an egg with a glass of milk and beat them well until they become a homogeneous mixture, put the mixture on the hair and cover it well from the scalp to the ends, then leave it on the hair for ten minutes, then rinse it well with water and shampoo.

Coconut oil and olive oil

We mix an equal amount of coconut oil and olive oil, then put them in a bowl in the microwave, distribute the mixture evenly on the hair before showering and massage the scalp with it, cover it with a hot towel for an hour, then wash it with water and shampoo.


Gently wash your hair with a shampoo suitable for the hair, then massage the stressed and damaged ends with mayonnaise, cover it with a plastic bonnet and leave it for 20 minutes, then wash your hair with water and shampoo well, and to obtain fruitful results, repeat the process twice a week.

Lemon and coconut milk

We bring a cup of coconut milk with lemon and mix them well until they become a homogeneous texture, then put them in a bottle in the refrigerator so that the mixture becomes creamy and distributed on the hair and left for 20 minutes, then wash with water and shampoo.

honey and milk

A cup of full-fat milk is mixed with two tablespoons of white honey until they become a homogeneous people. The mixture is placed on the scalp and the scalp is massaged well, and left for half an hour to dry, then we wash the hair with water and shampoo.

Products that are harmful to curly hair

When talking about products used for curly hair, we find that most of us may be ignorant of the things to be wary of. Sometimes we can use products rich in harmful substances and chemicals that may harm the health of curly hair and prevent it from the necessary moisture it needs, including four basic products that must be avoided: -

silicone material

Silicone is used to give the hair an attractive shine, but it gives it a false temporary shine, as it works to encapsulate the capillary, which locks it in the necessary hydration, as one of its qualities is that it does not dissolve in water and is left on the scalp, causing dandruff to the hair and preventing the absorption of any moisturizing substances.


Alcohol is added to the shampoo to dissolve any fat to make it look clean, but this is harmful to the hair, which causes it to dry out and exposes it to weakness and breakage, so you must be careful when buying your products and avoid products that contain alcohol.

Mineral oil and wax

We find them in moisturizers, whether cream, gel, or serum, and their job is to add luster to the hair, and this is considered as harmful as silicon, as oils and wax envelop the capillary and prevent moisture from reaching it, as they close the pores of the hair and scalp.

sulfate substance

It is considered a strong cleanser on the hair and scalp, which leads to the extraction of natural oils from the hair and causes dryness, so it is advised not to use any product that contains sulfates, and to generally reduce the use of shampoos or replace them with conditioners.

curly hairstyles

There are many forms and hairstyles for curly hair according to the desire of each person. The matter is no longer complicated as the beginning. By following and regularizing the curly hair care routine and taking from the goodness of nature materials that moisturize and repair hair, you can then easily shape your hair on the hairstyles you want, including:

  • Braid hairstyle.
  • the cake.
  • Curly horse tail.
  • Straight curly.
  • Curly with Chino.
  • Braids and bun.
  • Anarchy raised.
  • The curly hair is lifted with a center parting.

Important tips for caring for curly hair

  • You should stay away from the types of dyes that are harmful to the health of the hair.
  • Stay away from complex hairstyles that increase the intensity of hair tangles, and rely on simple, easy hairstyles.
  • Avoid the sun's rays, especially in the summer, as the sun's rays dry and brittle hair.
  • Drink an appropriate amount of water daily, as curly hair is naturally dry and needs more internal moisturizers before external moisturizers.
  • Do not overuse the hair fixatives.
  • It is advised to let the hair dry by itself and not to interfere with any heat tools, except when necessary and at the lowest temperatures.
  • Cut hair regularly every 6 to 8 weeks to keep hair healthy.
  • Avoid hot and cold conditioning systems, as they make the hair dry.
  • Layering the hair makes the hair look flat.
  • Using the hair net while showering and removing it when using shampoo, as this will preserve the hair.
  • Be careful not to wash the hair with cold water, as this does not make the hair shiny.
  • Using the diffuser that comes with the hair dryer, it distributes the hot air and does not let it get concentrated in one particular point.
  • Choose tools for curly hair.

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