Finally.. Download Pubg new state 2022 for PC | Download PUBG New State 2022 for PC and Mobile 2022 for free with a direct link

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Description: Full information about the download file of the PUBG New State 2022 game for PC and mobile for free, the latest update The new PUBG game is available
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Finally.. Download Pubg new state 2022 for PC | Download PUBG New State 2022 for PC and Mobile 2022 for free with a direct link

Full information about the download file of the PUBG New State 2022 game for PC and mobile for free, the latest update

The new PUBG game is available for free download for all devices on the computer and laptop on Windows on the Android emulator

The name of the game is Pubg new state 2022 developed by Tencent Games Works on Windows, Android, IOS File size Game size according to the version

Download the Pubg new state 2022 game for PC and mobile 2022 for free, all types of Windows, with a direct link

The New State PUBG game for the computer in the last period has gained great fame, as it is the most famous game around the world. After the overwhelming success of the old PUBG, which caused a sensation among the various electronic games, since it was released in 2022 among players on all operating systems around the world in a fast way without the need for Any other programs because of the advantages they do not exist in any of the other games, as they have all new capabilities after they were developed by a company to compete with all other games.

Download Pubg new state 2022 game for PC and mobile 2022 for free for all types of Windows

Download the PUBG New State game for the computer and mobile "Android and iPhone" 2022 is a simulation of the reality of the army and fighting in different camps, so it has gained great popularity as it is more realistic than other games, especially online, which is loved by fans of fighting games, wars and challenges in general, so there are many different versions that you can Choose from among them, which are suitable for many different devices located in many stores and markets since the moment the game was released all over the world, which can be chosen from based on the different countries and languages ​​who meet in the most wonderful game to stay in one place to fight the battles in a wonderful and beautiful way to get acquainted and play in At the same time without any problems you may encounter from communicating.

The game is basically an online player through the Internet, especially since all users around the world use the Internet today, and it is the largest platform that allows all the inhabitants of the globe to communicate easily and quickly within the game without any obstacles that may prevent them from doing so.

After the Buggy game has achieved great success all over the world and in the Arab countries, it has been downloaded millions of times throughout the Arab world who want to try new games to like it and take on new challenges day after day by performing new tasks and opening seasons and updates that are launched Every season, all of this increased the sales of the game in a big way and a great performance that is unparalleled in the world

What is the PUBG New State 2022 game for the computer, the latest update?

PUBG New State for computer and mobile is one of the coolest new and distinctive games in the world of action and adventure to simulate the real reality of fighting wars in a different way to live the atmosphere of the real experience through a wonderful electronic game with new additions for an unparalleled experience to make the game more realistic than before.

The game has many different versions for players to choose what suits them because there is a big difference in the devices on which they play the game, including new or old, so that you do not face any obstacle during the process of downloading or installing and opening the game after that to enjoy all the possibilities when playing it while playing.

The PUBG 2022 game for the phone contains everything, including the camps, which, like reality, contain the army. Inside the game, there are various weapons that you can choose from and use to win over others, where you can control a player through the keyboard and mouse easily without any difficulties while playing.

The game aims to protect one of the soldiers, as a player, to protect yourself from other enemies on the same map who are trying to attack you, so your role comes to defend yourself using various weapons with the aim of surviving using different skills, hiding and confrontation without being exposed to danger.

The PUBG New State game for the computer without an emulator is a game of survival in the first place, and the winner at the end of the game has to protect himself by using various tools and equipment that you can search for all over the map and take it from homes as well as ammunition in different quantities and try to avoid wasting it on anything

Download amongst us among us game for PC, latest version 2022, for free

Explanation of the game Pubg new state 2022 for PC the new season

Pubg new state 2022 game for PC and phone is like the rest of the royal battle games that depend on your presence in the game for the longest time, such as the old one that ends with the last person to stay and which is the game of Pubg that depends primarily on your skill inside the battlefield.

The developer company that developed and released Pubg new state 2022 is the Korean company that made the original version to provide many great features inside the game that help to make players more able to control in an easy and simple way at the same time more than any other game through an easy-to-use interface And settings that allow you to have complete control and adjust in the right way

What makes you professional in this game is your ability to learn and use your skills in dealing with other players in the game intelligently through speed, movement and attention to eliminate any dangers that you may face and with an unlimited number of players during your confrontation in order to continue to the end and ensure victory every time.

Download Pubg new state 2022, download Pubg new state for PC

As in the original version, the number of players in each round is 100 players in one map. You can choose to play individually or collectively by way of Solo Squad or choose from a list of friends for other players and start defining the landing area and then search for different weapons and equipment such as armor And the first aid that helps you to treat you during your injury and the ammunition you need to survive and face strong.

Within the game PUBG New State for PC 2022 there are many new and different maps, which are 5 maps that any player can choose from, and each has a different system from the other to go into the adventure each time with different modes in terms of the number of players, the shape of the map, the place and even the area of ​​the map, with that there is a basic map Which is the first map

There is the official map, which is divided into two parts. The first is in the form of camps and there are many forests inside them. In this map, you can use all kinds of cars and the other map, which contains the form of a city full of houses and modern cars that you can choose from, and the third map, which is relatively small, which is characterized by a surrounding island. With water on all sides, which contain dense trees and tall houses, the roads are interconnected with each other by bridges.

However, it is expected that many new maps will be released in the near future during the new season for more different adventures.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose your favorite character, whether a girl or a boy, as is the case when downloading the PUBG 2 game for the computer, the original version with a direct link, which is free. So you can enjoy inside the game without stopping or cutting during the game to compete and use various weapons to win in the end.

At first, after installing the game, you will see the settings that allow you to choose the graphics. If you choose the highest settings, you must make sure that your device supports running the game with the highest settings. Either in the case of moderate or weak devices, you can choose Balance and then choose Medium. After completion, we click on the word save to save the entered settings.

It is important for these settings to enjoy the graphics that you want, the appropriate way of playing for you and a device to set the plan and take on adventures inside the game. First place in the game.

Through the great fame that the old version achieved on many different download platforms, there is a download of the PUBG Lite game for the computer for weak devices and another of the Korean PUBG for the computer that lags behind the original version in the knives, maps and many inside the game. To run, however, you need to install and download all the original files of the game so that you can run it easily and without any problems you may encounter during the installation process.

The new Babji game, as it entertains and develops intelligence at the same time by taking a new experience and using your skills and multiple possibilities in playing. However, you must know that it is a game that you do not have to differentiate between it and reality.

Pubg new state 2022 Apk update

Babji is considered one of the most challenging and adventurous games, where the challenge is between the players, the victory is calculated for the last player or team that manages to survive. The new one that will be released recently for the new update when downloading the new PUBG season one.

Link to download the new 2022 PUBG: New State game

What are the most important additions in the new PUBG 2022 update?

New Maps Troi

This map has been added to a group of maps in the PUBG New State game, a completely new map called Troi, unlike Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, Vikendi or Livik, the headquarters of Troi will be somewhat similar to the camps, full of houses and buildings that you can navigate between them with a larger map 8km x 8km It is the largest new mode maps and a lot of features.

Each game contains 100 players who land on a map using the plane through a parachute in the map for a period of about 20 minutes. It is a great game for fans of fast-playing modes, as this mode gives you the ability to play, as there are many weapons inside the houses to play a match in a short time inside the game.

The map is equipped with a set of new weapons and vehicles that are expected to be completely different from those we see in current games such as MK12 and p90 are present in all maps in the game

There is a new addition which is drones and combat shields, which are special planes of the Troi map and which have more than one game strategy that is slightly different in the new game through which you can go down the map and move and hide in the houses

The Troi map features many areas containing more ammo and "loot" compared to the maps in the old version.

New gameplay called New State 2022

As is the case, the 2022 PUBG new download from Mediafire contains some gameplay, graphics and some new mechanisms that will be available in the game with a whole new world that takes you to 2022 and brings new vehicles, weapons and a map. While staying on the Zone or the Blue Zone is faster in the new game, so players need to use different vehicles and equipment during the epic confrontation to get the first place in the game

Features of the game PUBG Mobile New State for PC and mobile 2022

The spread of the game Pubg New State 2022 from Mediafire is huge without any trouble in the search, you can find it and it is free for all users without the need to pay any additional fees through an emulator.

You can adjust the settings to suit your computer, whether it is high quality, which is characterized by high accuracy, to simulate reality and show the graphics in real life, which gives more fun while playing

The sound effects in the game Pubg New State 2022 for PC 2022 with the presence of music while playing makes it more effective while playing the game.

Enjoy a large number

The new PUBG 2022 game has a lot of different and fun weapons more than ever. They are not old but modern weapons that you can choose from to simulate reality

Ensuring movement from one place to another through the use of modern means of transportation within the game, such as cars and fast giant trucks, in addition to motorcycles of all kinds, planes, boats and many more that you can choose from and move great distances before escaping from enemies before the fuel runs out.

Based game Pubg new state 2022 Mobile PC 2022 basically to survive like the rest of the games Batel Roel that can be played online and you get through it many awards every time to win in the end.

Whoever collects the most points is the one who wins at the end.

You can experience the wonderful experience by playing with friends or playing solo-squad or in duo to enjoy more fun gameplay and challenges with your friends from all over the world.

Voice or written chat with friends, where you can write or use the mic to communicate, get to know friends, and communicate within the game.

Download and install Pubg new state 2022 for PC

PUBG Mobile New State game for PC You can download the PUBG Mobile New State game for PC, Android and iPhone through many different sites through which you can get completely original files free of any viruses or malware. Download the emulator through which we install on your computer or laptop without problems.Noting that there are many of them, which differ from one to another according to the speed and nature of the device, whether it is weak or not, so you need a fast emulator that can install and run the game very quickly, including the Knox emulator, BlueStacks or Forget, and all of these emulators are good, especially when playing. To provide many different functions, it gives the greatest flexibility while playing through the settings and settings. It also supports downloading from any system directly through files that the emulator can play with ease, such as apk files for the game Pubg New State 2022, so let's get to know some of them.

Knox Player Emulator 2022 Many users prefer to use this emulator, as it is the best for many players because it maintains the ping in the game, which makes you play without interruption during the battle. You can download this emulator through the official website

The 2022 KO Player emulator is a special emulator that works on the Android system with great speed on all computers and laptops. It is free. The full version is preferred by players because it is light and supports all operating systems in general. It also contains the Google Play Store as the main program interface.

The Mimo emulator is the emulator that supports the Android system for all new devices with an update of 5.0 and higher and you need strong computer specifications to run games in general with that before running it is free so before installation you should note whether a device can run the emulator without any obstacles during download or installation.

Pubg game has many different obstacles, especially when downloading PUBG Mobile New State game on laptop and computer

You may need a different version that fits all systems, so when you download the Pubg New State 2022 game on the PlayStation 4, it works easily. All you have to do is go to the official page of the ps5 site. Also, we can use it on the Xbox, Android or ISO, so the company decided to make A new version, especially with all different devices, through continuous and permanent development of the current version to suit players

Requirements to run Pubg new state 2022

However, you need to have a device that meets these requirements in order to enjoy the game without any problems you may encounter such as cutting or not running or during installation, taking into account the availability of space on your disk when Pubg new state 2022 download for the computer Windows is from either 7 or 8 and 10 with 2 GB or 4 GB RAM for a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system, and the more and the higher the RAM, the faster the rate will be improved.

The processor must also be available in the device, with a minimum CPU speed of 1.8 of the second generation, and of course, the higher the processor, the better to increase the efficiency of its operation with high quality, with 3 GB RAM or greater.

The game needs to provide a large space for the emulator when downloading, which is a minimum of 2 GB so that you can download it with an Internet connection so that you can play and adventure with friends, especially with the new update, which is characterized by high quality and more fun

How to install the new update season 1 on your phone or computer

The update space is about 1.5 GB, which is a rather large space, however, it is not large, especially with the graphics and new known features. The original space may reach more than 4 GB, so the size is considered somewhat appropriate.

After pressing the install button, wait until the download of the file for the program is completed, which needs some time depending on your Internet speed

After completing the installation of the new update, open the game and wait until the update tape is completed and an area of ​​20 MB

After the update is over, the game will open the new main interface, which contains many maps with an area of ​​​​400 megabytes that you can download and choose from, play with friends on the Internet and engage in completely new adventures with different weapons and equipment for 2022 with different planes and cars in the completely new version

The capabilities that are suitable for the game PUBG Mobile New State for PC 2022

Direct internet connection so you can play and download new updates for the gameلعب

Provides space of at least 3 GB in order to download the game and the emulator at the same time

The game needs an Intel graphics card, whether it is external or integrated. However, you may find a weakness in performance as well?

The computer must have a RAM of 4 GB or more to run at a faster speed and without cutting

Provided processor CPU Processor: Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300 Good You can run the game at a speed of less than 1.8 dual-core or higher

Network: Provides a broadband Internet connection to install and play the game.

Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1060 4GB or better.

It works on Windows 7, 8, 10 or above operating system.

Software provides DirectX latest version 11

Memory: 4 GB of RAM.

Download Pubg new state 2022 for PC with direct link 2022 latest update

Download PUBG New State 2022 for PC full free with bluestacks


Download PUBG for PC with memuplay emulator, the latest update is suitable for weak devices

 Memuplay 2022

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