Finding a New Drug for Aggressive Triple-Negative Breast Cancer That Does not Respond to Treatments

Finding a New Drug for Aggressive Triple-Negative Breast Cancer That Does not Respond to Treatments
Triple negative breast cancer drug


The British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, revealed that there is a new drug that gives hope in fighting one of the most ferocious types of breast cancer, which is called the triple negative “which does not respond to any treatment” and is considered the most deadly, but will it get the green light in Britain at the time? Appropriate to save these women.

The newspaper said Nicholas Tracy was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in July 2018 and had to tell her daughters she had months to live.

Triple negative breast cancer affects around 8,000 women in the UK every year, and the new drug, Trodelvy , is adding more years to the lives of these patients.

In January, Nicholas Tracy sat down with her two young daughters and tried the impossible to find words to tell them she had only months left to live, as the aggressive breast cancer she was diagnosed with in July 2018 returned in vengeance, spreading to her brain and lungs .

Doctors told the 41-year-old, from Bristol, the heartbreaking truth: he had run out of time and treatment options .

Since her diagnosis, Nicola has gone through rounds of treatment from chemotherapy, a mastectomy, losing her hair 3 times and the stressful side effects of treatment.

"I don't know how long I have left to live, to get a few more months to cuddle my kids for longer, and to celebrate another birthday," she said.

However, it appears for the first time, a lifeline for women like Nikola with triple negative breast cancer, representing about 15% of all breast cancers .

It is the most aggressive and difficult to treat, while breast cancer is mainly seen in women after the age of 50, triple-negative breast cancers are most often found in younger, premenopausal women.

Nicola's two daughters are only 10 and 12 years old, and once the cancer has spread, most patients do not live beyond 12 to 18 months, the newspaper said .

The newspaper confirmed, that about 1650 women die from triple negative breast cancer every year, which accounts for one in 10 breast cancer deaths, and there have been few innovations to treat it, most breast cancers are fueled by hormones, which means that there are specific receptors in the cells Cancers can be targeted on or off with drugs like Herceptin or Kadcyla , which have revolutionized survival rates .

For triple-negative breast cancer, none of these receptors are present, but a new drug, Trodelvy , could increase survival rates .

Trials have shown that the £200,000-a-year treatment, which selectively searches for and destroys cancer cells, can double survival rates and shrink tumours, giving patients a longer life with fewer symptoms. particularly in women , such as Nicolas who have secondary tumors in the brain, and who are more likely to develop breast cancer , triple negative .

The newspaper pointed out that this drug has not yet been licensed for use in the United Kingdom, although it is approved in America.

The newspaper pointed out that the decision of the UK regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) , to approve the drug is expected “within weeks ” , but the British Health Service , the NHS , has not yet negotiated with the drug manufacturer in the United States. Gilead, which means that women in the UK may not have access to it until 2022 .

Activists point out that most of the women who live today with the spread of breast cancer , a three - negative Sekoa had already died, they appeal to Gilead company  Gilead to provide free medicine as soon as approved by the regulatory agency for medicines and health care products MHRA .


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