For adults only - watch the full video of Rania Youssef with Khaled Youssef

Egyptian entertainer Rania Youssef was a visitor on the MBC program (Kalam Nawaem) and guarded her dress at the Cairo Film Festival and that what befell her was a triumph charge. 

As to consideration of her name in the movies of the Egyptian chief Khaled Youssef, she said that she felt extraordinary irritation after her name was related with a film that steered clear of it, the individual or the subject, and she said: 

This is taboo and false and I was violated a great deal since they put my name in the film, just to acquire sees. 

Rania didn't shroud her age, and said that she had become 45 years of age and couldn't have cared less about age, and showed a high knowledge when the three commentators attempted to squeeze her, to drive her to concede that she wasn't right, when she picked the well known dress, and every one of their words were about the dress, and they didn't ask the hosts their visitor How mentally and ethically she was harmed when they put her name in a major case, for example, sex movies and Khaled Youssef, and how they attempted to mutilate her name and creative history. 

Albeit the dress is done and obsolete, the MBC broadcasters are as yet stuck in its tail.


نبذه عني: أنا عاصم صاحب موقع (منذ قليل) أعيش فى أم الدنيا مصر.

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