For Women.. Options for Dealing With Low Fertility in Case of Diminished Ovarian Reserve

For Women.. Options for Dealing With Low Fertility in Case of Diminished Ovarian Reserve
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Women's health is affected for a variety of reasons, and one of the medical conditions of concern is diminished ovarian reserve ( DOR ) which is known to affect women of all ages, and one study indicates that 10% of women suffer from this problem, according to a report by " womenshealthmag ".

What is diminished ovarian reserve?

When we talk about “ovarian reserve”, it means a decrease in the number of eggs or the quality of eggs, and in this case what happens is the decrease in the reserve of the ovaries, which means that their number and quality do not match the age of the woman or that they are of poor quality.

Every woman is born full of eggs that diminish with age, usually by the age of thirty-five, the number of eggs begins to slowly deplete in the woman, as such, there is no clear idea of ​​​​the level of eggs decline for those who suffer from diminishing.

Causes of low ovarian reserve

There can be a variety of reasons behind women suffering from low ovarian reserve, while age is the natural reason behind low egg reserve, other causes include endometriosis, ovarian surgery, cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation, tubal disease, pelvic infection, mumps and smoking and any genetic defects.

treatment options

One of the commonly used treatments is to give nutritional supplements, such as DHEA and Coenzyme Q 10 that increase fertility. If you have trouble conceiving, you may be asked to take an AMH-Antimullerain test by a gynecologist. This is a blood test that gives some estimate of your health. ovary; 

Other options in extreme cases

Sometimes treatment may not help you increase your fertility, in which case it is necessary to consider other options: 

Cryopreservation of eggs

Women are now required to freeze eggs but only if they are diagnosed in time.

excessive ovulation

Excessive ovulation is another way to start ovulation. This is done by using injectable hormones which in turn help the woman start ovulating. Ovulated eggs can be frozen for later use for pregnancy by IVF treatment.

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