Heel Pain Treatment.. Use Warm Compresses and Massage Creams


Heel Pain Treatment.. Use Warm Compresses and Massage Creams
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Many people suffer from heel pain, which has many causes, whether pathological with an orthopedic problem or accidental reasons, which are often caused by excessive and continuous effort or wearing uncomfortable shoes.

The medical website " the health " stated that there are three main types of diseases that cause heel pain, which are:

1- Tendinitis occurs in the lower tendon of the foot, the posterior tendon, the Achilles tendon or the Achilles tendon.

2- Infections of the membranes lining the feet or the fat lining the feet .

3- Inflammation of the synovial cushions surrounding the feet .

The medical report, published on the website, said that the diagnosis is made through 3 methods:

1-  Clinical examination, identifying the type of pain, visualizing the cause of the inflammation, and whether there are signs of other infections that caused these symptoms .

2- Conducting some laboratory tests such as sedimentation rate, uric acid in the blood, lipid test, and CRP, a protein specific for rheumatic infections.

3- Ultrasound examination, which is one of the latest tests and its results are amazing in diagnosing heel pain, as it diagnoses the place of inflammation in a very early period, even before the occurrence of the toenail, or the bone thorn that appears in ordinary rays, and it also reveals the examination of tendons and inflammation in the existing synovial cushions. in the foot .

The site indicated that the treatment methods are diverse, including:

1- The patient must wear shoes that have a medical or light lining, so as to reduce the friction of the weight with walking, and add the specific “medical mattresses” that contain silicone, which contributes to reducing the impact of weight on tendinitis .

2- Warm compresses or physical therapy devices with sound waves that improve and relieve pain .

3- Massage and orthopedic massage creams .

4- Warn the patient not to walk “barefoot” inside or outside the house, while maintaining the wearing of soft shoes that reduce the friction of the feet with the ground .

5- If the bone spur is formed, medical bedding with shoes is essential with treatment with anti-inflammatories that reduce inflammation and pain in the bone thorn .

6- Shock wave therapy In some devices, a kind of sound waves with high-frequency beats, like pulses, reduce inflammation from the bone spur and work to break it up.   

7- Topical injection in case of failure to respond to the devices, by injection in more than one way and more than one substance such as injection with cortisone, or injection with anti-inflammatory substances, or injection with articular oil, or sometimes injection with plasma fluid.

8- Surgery, which is the last solution if the body’s pain does not respond to all the previous solutions, and we remove this bony thorn .


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