Historic trip today.. Learn About The Details of Richard Branson's journey into Space

Historic trip today.. Learn About The Details of Richard Branson's journey into Space

 Branson goes into space today

  • British billionaire Richard Branson will travel to the edge of space today
  • The vehicle (VSS Unity) will be used on this historic voyage
  • Branson will be on board that vehicle among 6 people

British billionaire prepares Richard Branson To promote his burgeoning space tourism venture, he travels to the edge of space.

On Sunday, Branson's company "Virgin Galactic" will send the spacecraft (VSS Unity) in the first fully manned test flight to the edge of space, carrying its British billionaire founder among 6 people.

In an interview with the BBC,BBC“I've wanted to go to space since I was a kid, and I want to enable hundreds of thousands of other people over the next 100 years to go into space,” says Branson.

And he added: “Why don't they go to space? unusual space; The universe is wonderful. I want people to be able to look at our beautiful land. Spaceflight is extraordinary.”


A double-hull plane named after Branson's mother will carry the spacecraft to an altitude of 50,000 feet, where the spacecraft will be launched and soar by rocket force across the outer edge of Earth's atmosphere, according to Reuters.

At the top of its flight, about 89 kilometers above the New Mexico desert, the crew will experience weightlessness for a few minutes before returning to Earth.

If all goes according to plan, the flight will take about 90 minutes and will finish where it started on a runway at Spaceport America near the town of Truth.

The Unity 22 mission represents the spacecraft's 22 test flight and the company's 4th manned mission outside Earth's atmosphere, but it will be the first flight carrying a full group of space travelers, two pilots and 4 including Branson.

Although the mission is seen as a potential milestone in helping to turn citizen space travel into a big business, spaceflight remains fraught with danger.

If successful, the trip would give Branson the bragging rights of beating rival Jeff Bezos, founder of rival space tourism company Blue Origin, in what has been known as the "billionaire space race".

Bezos, the founder of retail giant Amazon, is scheduled to travel to space later this month.

British billionaire Richard Branson. Source: getty


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