How To Activate The Superthanks Feature To increase Profits 2022

How To Activate The Superthanks Feature To increase Profits 2022


How to activate the superthanks feature. Thanks to the YouTube channels. First, let's learn about the new updates on YouTube and the distinctive features of each update, but now let's learn about the first feature that was updated on YouTube to encourage the content creator and also to increase the ways to profit from YouTube by supporting viewers for the creator of the content, as it has been for a long time The release of the super chat feature and now let's talk about the updates separately to get to know the details.

Everything you need to know about the supers tab

The supers tab is a section of the profit sections from YouTube, but this section was added to combine two types

First: the super chat feature 

It is a feature through which viewers can support the content creator through the live broadcast and use the amazing stickers to start supporting the content creator and use some paid comments to distinguish the viewer's comment from other comments and also the feature of pinning the comment, but as we talked about this feature applies only to the live broadcast.

Second: super thanks 

Thank you feature as translated by Google is a feature through which the viewer can support the content creator by thanking him for the video or information through a new code that will be added below the video, which is a heart symbol with a dollar sign and when you click on this sign you can choose the amount of support and the amount starts from $2 and up to $50. What is special about superthanks is that it will appear on all videos except for the live broadcast, but it will appear after the end of the live broadcast.

Eligibility requirements to activate the super thanks feature on your channel

One of the most important requirements that YouTube mentioned in its official article is that the channel be:

  • Profit is enabled
  • It does not have many differences
  • The country to which the channel belongs must be eligible to activate the feature

As for the eligibility of the videos, there are many thanks that are not available for these types:

  • Videos banned for all age groups
  • Videos for children
  • Unlisted videos
  • own videos
  • Videos that raise donations
  • Videos with copyright
  • Live broadcast events The feature is not applied to them until after the broadcast has ended and the video has been published
  • This information was the most important thing that was published on YouTube, and it was also clarified that the feature will be activated in most countries soon, and that you do not have to do anything but wait until the feature is automatically activated on your channel, and a notification will appear inside YouTube Studio to alert you of the appearance of the feature .

Source  3yooon 


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