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How to Make Grilled Meat on Charcoal

Monday, July 12, 2021

How to Make Grilled Meat on Charcoal

How to make charcoal grilled meat

Grilling is one of the most beautiful ways to prepare meat because it adds a special flavor to the meat, so if you want to prepare grilled meat on charcoal, discover the method and ingredients in the next lines.

barbecue  Roast beef

Grilled Meat Ingredients

kilogram of lamb.

Six medium fresh tomatoes, cut into four quarters, and white onions, chopped in the same way as tomatoes.

A quarter cup of vegetable oil, preferably olive oil.

Four teaspoons of white vinegar.


the meat


A quarter of a tablespoon of powder Half a tablespoon of cinnamon powder.

A quarter of a tablespoon of each: barbecue spices, seven spices, and black pepper.

barbecue  Charcoal grilled meat

How to prepare

Cut the lamb into medium-sized cubes, and put them in a deep bowl.

Mix all the spices together.

Pour the liquid ingredients over the spices, which include oil and white vinegar.


Pour the resulting marinade over the meat pieces , and stir well.

Put the meat in the refrigerator to marinate for at least two hours.


Take out the meat bowl from the refrigerator an hour before starting work.

Prepare the wooden skewers, and chop the meat and tomatoes in addition to the onions on them.


Shui meat on brazier barbecuing, taking care to turn bars between the other so as not to burn.

Offer grilled meat with the authorities and favorite sauces.

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