Infinix Hot 10S Review - A New Economical Mobile For 2500 EGP!

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Description: The Hot series from Infinix is an important series that exists in an economic price category and is competing for a very strong and very large number
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Infinix Hot 10S Review - A New Economical Mobile For 2500 EGP!

The Hot series from Infinix is an important series that exists in an economic price category and is competing for a very strong and very large number of sales because this is the most acceptable price category in Egypt.. Today we will present a review of the new economic Infinix Hot 10S after using it.. and we will explain to you the 3 most important features of the company By offering them in this mobile.

the design :-

The Hot 10S is not a small mobile.. Infinix always likes to make big phones in the economy category.. The mobile is large in the hand and its thickness is 9.2 mm.. There is no official announcement about the weight, but I expect it to be within 200 grams.

The materials are definitely made of plastic.. It has a different inscription like this, and also has a soft layer of paint that shines a little.. I am in the economic category. The matte material does not shine because it does not have scratches on it.

In general, the mobile phone comes with a transparent, somewhat dry pouch that will carry the mobile and also do not have the edges of the side, so that the mobile is not scratched too much..a nice thing.. It will also cover the slight protrusion of the cameras.

the screen :-

The screen here is a little different.. a large 6.82-inch IPS LCD screen with HD + resolution.. With a frequency of 90 hertz and a pixel density of 263 pixels per inch.

The screen numbers here are a little strange.. a large screen with not a large resolution.. Therefore, you will expect a pixel that will happen when you see content and zoom in on the screen, for example, compared to another screen FHD + .. or even another screen HD +, but with a smaller screen size.

The screen’s color quality is reasonable in the economic category.. No one in general offers you solid colors at this price.. You have to look above 3000 EGP to get a screen that we say is average.. But all economic screens are below average in quality, apart from the exact amount of accuracy.

But the screen in the Infinix Hot 10s is large, so it is clear that the edges are a little large, especially the bottom edge.. Of course, the screen has a notch and the bottom edge is a little big after that.

The really nice thing about this screen is that it supports a frequency of 90 Hz to keep it faster and smoother in use.. It will help the processor a lot in performance.

the performance :-

As for performance, this mobile comes with the best processor in its price category.. MediaTek Helio G85.. 12 nano technology.. And this processor is very nice in a range, at a price of 2500 EGP.

Its performance is very reasonable, and we have tried it a lot in mobiles before that, more expensive than that.. And as we said, the G85 in mobiles with 3000 pounds and less is considered very excellent.. And the Infinix software itself is very light.. With the processor here and the 90 Hz, you will take a very fast performance system.

This system was only missing a UFS 2.1 storage memory.. The mobile was real, and it will still be a breakthrough in performance in this category, but the memory here is of the old type eMMC 5.1.

But what will make you experience the ads that are everywhere on the front.. I know that you can cancel the ads in one way or another.. but why, Infinix, all these ads from the first.. I hope the ads are less in the upcoming updates.

The performance of the mobile in games is reasonable.. Pubg on High HD.. The game works reasonably.. There will be installments in the frames very few times.. Call of Duty on Medium Graphic and the experience is very nice again.

The first thing that will weigh you down in gaming experience is two things.. The first is, as I told you, the screen is because the pixel density is low, so if you focus too much, you will feel a small pixel.. The second need.. MediaTek Class G processors, their battery consumption is a little high and a little lower than normal.. the mobile heats up a little with the games.

But the processor, after a period of overheating, does not cause suffocation and does not reduce its performance or anything.. It is just a little overheating, and the first time you stop playing overheating, it will be easily distracted.

Safety and other factors:

The fingerprint is in the back.. I would have liked to keep the power button.. but the fingerprint frankly is very fast.. and the Face Unlock has a medium speed.. Rely on the fingerprint is faster.

The mobile phone comes with Android 11 and it has two versions of social media programs. The feature is called xClone, so you will be circling around on it a lot.

The Egypt version that was downloaded from the mobile does not have NFC.. There is no additional microphone for noise isolation.. There is no notification light.. The recurring defects of Infinix in the economy category.

The sound of the mobile phone is Mono, but the volume is loud.. but the bass is very little.. I wished the bass would be louder than that.. the proximity sensor is real and works very well.. the gyroscope is soft and a little slow.

WiFi networks and a communication network take an above average rating.. The performance is very stable, one degree higher than Samsung mobiles and less than OPPO mobiles .

the battery :-

The battery here is very large, 6000 mAh. It can last you 10 hours.. I expected more, but as I told you, if you play games, you will find the consumption increases a little, especially since you will need to increase the brightness of the screen all the time because its brightness is average, not very high .. But the performance of the battery in general is very good. .

Unfortunately, the biggest flaw in this mobile phone is the microUSB 2.0 charging port.. although all competitors are left with USB Type C and we are in 2021.. I don’t know why they let us use the Type C port.

The charger is only 10 is weak for the size of this takes about 3 hours, only a quarter to charge the battery..a very long time, of course.


You expect a nice performance from an economical mobile in cameras in general.. the rear camera is 48 mega pixel camera with an F/1.8 lens slot.. and the second is 2 mega pixel camera for isolation.. and the third has no real function.. and two workers form a fourth lens, writing on it 48 mega pixel camera, and the selfie is 8 mega pixel. Pixel with dual LED flash.

Infinix treatment in high lights and in the sun, and this is still not quite the best.. the colors are faded.. the HDR does not cycle properly and you will always find the background of the image is wide.. it is difficult to be satisfied with the pictures from the first time and it will always need to be adjusted.

Taking pictures in indoor lighting is reasonable for the price of the mobile.. The amount of details is acceptable. Of course, it is not WOW, but it is acceptable.. But you accept the colors that you want, not the best thing.. The Night Mode opens the pictures a little and raises the shadows to make you feel that the pictures are good.. And by the way, they are good and reasonable. For the mobile price category.

I compared the Hot 10S to the Poco M3, and I found a clear difference in favor of Xiaomi in high lighting in image processing, color and HDR.. As for shooting in indoor lighting, I found the Hot 10S as much as answering more details a simple need.

The selfie in the Hot 10S is a bit modest.. the skin colors and the treatment in it are not excellent, I mean.. but the performance is reasonable in the interior lighting.. In general, it is difficult to find a beautiful selfie in the economy category.

As for shooting videos, the mobile supports shooting at 2K quality and at 1080p with 30 frames per second.. Of course, there is no electronic stability.. And the mobile does not have an additional microphone to isolate noise.

See the experience of shooting photos and videos and a comparison with the Poco M3 in the review video

Infinix Hot 10S Price:

64 GB version with 4 GB RAM at an official price of 2444 pounds

128 GB version with 4 GB RAM at an official price of 2699 EGP جن

It is useful to install a 512 GB memory card and two SIM cards at the same time.

Final opinion:

Infinix Hot 10S Features:

The processor performs well and is better than many competitors

90Hz screen

Huge battery

Good proximity sensor

Disadvantages of Infinix Hot 10S:-

Low pixel screen

old charging port

Very slow charger

Ads in the interface

weak cameras 

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