Learn about The Types of Headaches, Their Causes and The Most Prominent Symptoms

Learn about The Types of Headaches, Their Causes and The Most Prominent Symptoms

Headaches can often be caused by a path of discomfort, distraction, and pain. According to the World Health Organization, nearly everyone experiences one or two types of headaches in their lifetime. The intensity of the pain or discomfort may vary according to the type of headache. In the following report, we address the types of headaches. Different headaches and their causes, according to the " onlymyhealth " website .

1. Tension headache


One of the most common types of headaches and mainly caused by stress, tension headaches may give you a throbbing sensation all over your head, you may feel bored and tired that may last for a few hours but then improve automatically, tension headaches usually cause heaviness around the muscles of the neck, scalp and forehead and shoulders.


2. Migraine


Migraines cause recurrent pain in the head, causing a throbbing sensation as if something is pulsing deep inside your head, migraines may affect your daily routine because they can become very annoying and painful, migraines are caused by genes or neurological conditions in the brain that need medical help Instant.


3. Sinus headache


Headaches can also be the result of allergic reactions. Sinus headaches mostly affect your forehead and the front of your head, and they become difficult to function when you have sinus pain. You may be given antibiotics to clear the infection until your sinus headache clears.

4. Hormonal headache


These types of headaches are more common in women because they often occur due to hormonal fluctuations. The reason behind this can be due to the menstrual cycle, birth control pills or pregnancy, all of these reasons cause an imbalance in the estrogen hormone in the woman’s body and lead to headaches. 


5. Headache caused by high blood pressure


These headaches are caused by high levels of blood pressure in the body, headaches are like an emergency signal sent by the central nervous system to control the situation, can be very painful and occur on both sides of the head, may occur with chest pain and shortness of breath.

Source  youm7


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