Learn About The Types of Kidney Stones and Treatment Options to Get Rid of Them

Learn About The Types of Kidney Stones and Treatment Options to Get Rid of Them
Kidney stones


Kidney stones are crystals that form inside the kidneys due to different types of minerals sticking together. They may form mainly due to dietary intake, obesity, or some medical conditions. If you are diagnosed with kidney stones at an early stage, they can be treated by drinking plenty of water and some general medications. Kidney stones can be of different types such as calcium, cysteine, etc., in the following report, we learn about the types of kidney stones you need to know and treatment options for treatment, according to the “ onlymyhealth ” website .

Types of kidney stones 

calcium stones

Calcium stones are the most common stones among people with kidney stones. As the name suggests, they are made up of calcium phosphate. This happens because you eat too many oxalate-rich foods in your diet. These types of foods include chocolate, beets, spinach, and peanuts.


uric acid stones

Stones that form due to uric acid can be very painful and difficult to remove, these stone formations are mostly in people who are undergoing chemotherapy or have some problems related to gout, they happen more often in men than women, this diet mainly comes to them Of animal proteins such as fish, shellfish and meat.

cystine stones


These types of stones do not occur jointly, cystine stones are formed mainly due to some genetic disorders in both men and women cause that produces acid inside the body that leaks from the kidneys into the urine causing the formation of kidney stones.


Methods for treating kidney stones 



The first treatment for any disease is medicines. In the case of kidney stones, medicines are given based on the type of infection present in the body accordingly, antibiotics are given, uric acid stones are treated.




This treatment procedure involves sound waves to break up the stones inside the body into smaller ones so that they can move to the bladder. The shock wave used in this is called extracorporeal shock wave. Generally, the patient is given light sedation before this procedure can cause bruising or bleeding around the kidneys as well.


Shock wave therapy



This treatment is usually done when the stone gets stuck in the bladder or ureter. In this case, an instrument is used to remove it. The procedure includes a small wire attached to a camera, which is inserted into the urethra and passed into the bladder.


Tunnel surgery


This surgery option is the last treatment option for kidney stone removal. In this, the surgeon makes a small incision in your back and removes the kidney stones from the part where they are filled. Tunnel surgery is usually done.


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