Lnverted Vegetable Recipe...Try it


Lnverted Vegetable Recipe...Try it
Inverted with vegetables

Maqluba with vegetables ... A special, delicious and beloved lunch for the whole family, prepare it in the way of my lady's kitchen, learn how to make special vegetable maqluba and enjoy with your family its wonderful and delicious taste


  • Potatoes: 500 grams (fried)
  • - Eggplant: 3 pieces (sliced ​​and fried)
  • - Red pepper: 2 pieces (sliced ​​and grilled)
  • - Peas: 2 cups
  • - Chickpeas: 2 cups (boiled)
  • - Basmati rice: 4 cups (cooked) )
  • - chicken: by desire

How to prepare

  • In a saucepan, heat the oil and fry the chicken until it changes color.
  • Season with salt, turmeric and chicken spices.
  • Mix until fully ripe.
  • To prepare the maqluba: In a circular tray, spread the potatoes on the sides of the tray.
  • Sprinkle the eggplant, green and red peppers, then the peas and chickpeas.
  • Put a layer of rice on top of the vegetables.
  • Turn upside down on a serving plate lightly and carefully.


نبذه عني: أنا (عاصم) صاحب موقع (منذ قليل)، الذي يهدف إلى توفير محتوى متميز ومفيد في مجالات مختلفة. يسعى الموقع إلى تقديم المعلومات بطريقة سهلة وواضحة للجمهور، وتحفيز النقاش والحوار حول المواضيع المطروحة.

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