Marvel's Avengers is Getting a New Expansion on August 17TH

Marvel's Avengers is Getting a New Expansion on August 17TH
Marvel's Avengers


It announced Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics now, from the date of issuance of the new expansion of the game Marvel's Avengers. It adds new DLC, Black Panther: War for Wakanda, Black Panther as well as new villains, environments, and more.

And as Square Enix announced Thursday, it will be available on August 17th as a free update to Marvel's Avengers. Square also announced an open weekend for everyone starting on July 29 and running until August 1.

Marvel's Avengers expansion details

As for the details of this new expansion, he talks about the current Black Panther, the ruler of the isolated but technologically advanced Wakanda Kingdom. The plot of the expansion revolves around King T'Challa's struggle to balance his duties as a king and a superhero whose duty is to defend his people from the super villain Claw, while also learning to trust those around him. It also appears that T'Challa's genius sister (Shouri) will play an important role in the story.

New and returning Marvel's Avengers players will also explore the Royal Palace and the jungles of Wakanda. Players will have the opportunity to explore Shuri's Laboratory, the Chambers of the Court Wizard Zwavari, and the Wakanda War Room. The palace also appears to offer a beautiful view of Wakanda's capital, Birnin Zanna.

And Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics haven't revealed much new information about the developer's handling of Klaw. The South African cyber mercenary has been a recurring minor villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from which Marvel's Avengers was inspired in part. Most of his crimes in the movies revolve around the theft and sale of Wakanda. This also appears to be the case in the war for Wakanda's expansion. Square also didn't provide much detail about the new regions and missions. However, a lot of expansion will take place in the beautiful green jungles of Wakanda.

Square Enix also noted that Xbox players will have a similar opportunity to try the game for free at some point over the next few months. In addition, all Marvel's Avengers players will have access to special promotions during the weekend in which full access is available. These offers include but are not limited to a 400% increase in XP earning. Marvel's Avengers are also 50% off in-game purchases, and players will have the chance to replay the game's Tachyon Anomaly event as well.

This expansion for Marvel's Avengers will release on August 17th for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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