New Vivo V21 Review - Mobile Wearing A Suit!

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Description: The BBK-affiliated company Vivo has released its latest mobile in the Egyptian market in the middle category, which is the Vivo V21 .. This is the com
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New Vivo V21 Review - Mobile Wearing A Suit!

The BBK-affiliated company Vivo has released its latest mobile in the Egyptian market in the middle category, which is the Vivo V21 .. This is the competing brother of Realme 8 Pro and Reno5 4G, but are all mobiles the same as usual and the differences are simple? Nor Al-Muradi will we find a difference in the experience in favor of the V21? This is what we will find out in today's Vivo V21 review.

the design :-

The design of the V21 is very different from the Vivo V20 .. The design is completely different from any other middle-class mobile.. The color is matte and elegant, because the mobile does not have fingerprints.. The feel of the mobile is very nice and the shape of the mobile in general makes you feel that you are walking with a respectable mobile away from the glamour of the designs It is currently available in mobile phones.

Those who disliked this mobile phone are the materials.. The mobile comes with a very respectable glass back.. Salvation, Realme , Oppo or Samsung have respectable materials in this category.. But the frame is plastic.. This is normal. You will not find glass and metal at this price.. The weight of the mobile is good. Very 176 grams and 7.3 mm thick.. A light and easy-to-use mobile with one hand.

The shape of the rear camera is a little strange. I don't know you will like it or not.. This is the point on which we can disagree about the design part.. The important thing is that the cameras are quite reasonable.. And the case attached to the box covers the entire projection.

the screen :-

The screen is a 6.44-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of FHD + with a frequency of up to 90 Hz.. Unfortunately, it comes with the design of the old notch.. This notch is present because of the optical stabilizer and AutoFocus that are present in the selfie camera.. They are large and cannot be put into a hole. In the cameras section.

As for the rest of the screen, it is one of the best screens in terms of colors, details and brightness in the middle category, and the screen supports HDR10 Plus, and this is a very excellent thing in this category.

I tried the Vivo V21 next to the Galaxy A52, which is considered the best screen in the middle class, and the differences between them are almost nonexistent.. This is something to explain to you what the V21 screen is excellent in this category.. and we will prepare for you a close video of the best mid-range mobiles and I would like to tell you that the screen The V21 has won most of the mobiles.

the performance :-

MediaTek Dimensity U800 processor with 7 nanometer technology.. A processor that is a bit more active than the SD720G in normal daily use.. The processor with a very stable Vivo interface and which has excellent animations with 90 Hz on the screen will give you a very nice performance experience, better than the rest of the mobiles in this class Including Mi 11 Lite .

I am happy frankly from Vivo that after the delay I downloaded a decent mobile that is not a mobile that repeats itself .. But what is not pleasant is the graphic performance, which is about 20% lower than the SD720G.

It works on High HD and works well, but not as smoothly as the SD720G, it works with lower performance.. and Call of Duty works on Medium Graphic, and there are no higher settings than that, unfortunately.

But the very sweet thing is that this mobile literally does not heat up.. the heat in it is very little and the processor does not cause great suffocation after a period of pressure on it.. on the other hand, this mobile is not used for gamers.. if you want a strong daily performance and use social media and videos, and this mobile will be Very good with you.

The fingerprint is under the screen.. one of the fastest fingerprints that you can try.. and Face Unlock is a missile that makes no mistake.. The mobile comes with Android 11 with a very stable Vivo interface.. You will find Always On Display in many forms.

The mobile comes with 128 GB of UFS 2.2 type, and it has a very respectable reading and writing speed with 8 GB RAM. What is distinguished on the front is that it can take 3 GB RAM from the storage space in order to free up the total RAM up to 11 GB RAM and open more applications in the background .. A very nice feature. The interface is very good in that it keeps open programs in the background.

Unfortunately, the mobile does not have NFC, and this is one of the things that I like.. and I do not like the sound.. The mobile comes with a Mono sound, like Realme 8 Pro and Oppo Reno 5 4G, and therefore its sound is a little less than any mobile whose sound is Stereo .. But the sound here is like Mono. well.

The mobile phone has a gray flange style, and the 3.5 mm inlet is removed from it.. I see this is a ridiculous concession in return.. That’s why you have a switch in the box.. and a headset too.. but you used to leave the entrance.

The proximity sensor responsible for locking the screen during calls, software, unfortunately, the hours go wrong.. It would have been better to have hard wire and not have the call recording feature present.. As for networks, this mobile takes 10 out of 10, very excellent!

the battery :-

The battery is 4000 mAh.. It feels small, but with the 90 Hz operation, even not in the Auto Select mode.. The battery easily reaches 7 ~ 8 hours, the screen is open.. It is like the competitors without any problem.

The included 33W charger charges the battery in an hour.. It works very well.. I used to find a faster charger, of course, like the Oppo Reno 5.. But the charging time is reasonable.


The mobile comes with 3 cameras in the back.. the main 64-megapixel camera with an F/1.8 lens slot with a real optical stabilizer.. the second is 8-megapixel for wide photography F/2.2.. and the third is 5-megapixel macro pixel camera with an F/2.4 lens slot .. and the selfie is 44 mega-pixel F /2.0 supports real optical stabilization and has Dual Soft Flash Light so that you can even take selfies in the dark.

Look, sir.. Let's start with the rear camera.. This mobile is very strange.. Its performance in high lights is normal.. Or you can say well.. But its performance in Night Mode is a masterpiece.. Because of the optical stabilizer, of course.. The performance is balanced and reasonable, but only in the lighting The interior, which is high in pictures, remains lighter than normal, a simple need and this is the usual treatment of the BBK group.

But the Night Mode, as I told you, is strange and strange.. The mobile takes its time to process the image, but it looks to be processed as the book said.. You can upload it as it is without any modification.. Respectful details, a very reasonable unit, exact colors and respectful control of the lights accommodate.

When I experimented with the A52, I found that the performance is similar in the external lighting, but the difference is that Vivo has increased the black color a bit.. In the high interior lighting, the A52 can adjust the colors more, but the V21 opens it more than normal.

However, both of them have an optical stabilizer in the Night Mode, and the other is 64 mega-pixels.. But I liked the performance of the V21 the most.

As for the rest of the selfie, it is present in the notch because of the optical stabilizer as I explained to you, shooting in high and indoor lighting is good, but the difference is night photography, which is very rigid thanks to the optical stabilizer in the selfie.

As for the rest of the video shooting, the mobile supports 4K shooting with 30 frames or 60 frames per second.. but unfortunately the optical stabilization works in 1080p only.. and you can play the anti-shake option that reduces vibrations and you have an indirect type of stabilization.

Vivo V21 Price:-

One copy 128 GB with 8 GB RAM at a price of 5690 Egyptian pounds

It is beneficial to install two SIM cards or one SIM card with a 512 GB memory card.

Final opinion:
Vivo V21 Features:-

Excellent cameras with optical stabilization

An outstanding processor for everyday performance

The battery consumption is good, although the battery size is small

Very excellent screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz supporting HDR10+

Quick Safety Factors

Best Networks in Category D

Elegant elegant design, excellent materials and light weightوزن

stable software

Disadvantages of Vivo V21:-

The sound is not stereo

There is no 3.5mm input

There is no NFC

The proximity sensor is not the best

No stabilization in 4K shooting

The screen has an old notch design

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