Pictured: The Blue Screen of Death Comes in a New form on Windows 11

Pictured: The Blue Screen of Death Comes in a New form on Windows 11

The Blue Screen of Death is considered one of the icons of Windows systems since its first launch in 2012 with Windows 8, and although it always irritates users because it is associated with stopping the device from working, it is considered an essential component of Windows, Like many other components, it will undergo unprecedented change.

It is known that the Blue Screen of Death or Blue Screen of Death is more known for its distinctive blue background color, from which it derives its name, but in the context of the great changes that Microsoft intends to make to its new operating system Windows, which included in particular the graphic aspect and my design, the The blue screen of death, in turn, will benefit from this aspect in an unprecedented way, as it will give up the blue color for the first time.

And so, through the images that were published on social media and specialized sites that were monitored by the first users of the beta version of Windows 11, the blue screen of death will abandon the famous blue color to become black, and perhaps it is a color more expressive of the magnitude Problem faced by users for whom this screen pops up.

Except for that, we can notice from the picture that the blue screen of death kept the same message that appears to users in addition to the sad face :(


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