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Potato Rings With Onions...try it

Monday, July 12, 2021
Potato Rings With Onions...try it

Potato rings with onions ... Serve on your trip a quick and special meal of wonderful and delicious potato dishes , try it with the taste of onions and serve it on your trip hot 



- Vegetable oil: a quarter cup

- Onion: 3 grains (large size, cut into strips)

- Potato: 4 grains (large size, cut into thin strips)

- Salt: a teaspoon

- Black pepper: a teaspoon

- Hot red pepper: half a spoon Small

- mixed spices: half a teaspoon

How to prepare

In a saucepan over medium heat, heat the oil, then add the potato slices, and stir the potatoes until browned.

Add the onions and stir the ingredients until they overlap, and season with salt, black pepper, hot red pepper and mixed Arabic spices.

 Put the lid on, reduce the heat, and cook the ingredients until fully cooked.

 Serve the dish hot.

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