Samsung Galaxy A22 Review - A New Mobile From Samsung 2022 !

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Description: Samsung suddenly downloaded the Galaxy A22 in Egypt.. That’s why it had the A72, then the A52, then the A32, and finally the A22.. And the A22 came do
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Samsung Galaxy A22 Review - A New Mobile From Samsung 2022 !


Samsung suddenly downloaded the Galaxy A22 in Egypt.. That’s why it had the A72, then the A52, then the A32, and finally the A22.. And the A22 came down to fill the gap in the category of 3 to 4 thousand pounds, which Samsung considers a little absent, the mobile offers a set of strange specifications, we will know It's all about today's review.

the design 

The mobile is made entirely of plastic, a traditional design that does not have anything new, and the back is very shiny.. The black one will have fingerprints and scratches on it, and unfortunately there is no case in the box.

The mobile comes in green, white, violet and black colors.. The rear camera is slightly protruding from the back of the mobile, but it is not large, which means there is no concern about it.

The weight of the mobile is reasonable 186 grams and its thickness is 8.4 mm.. The mobile is not very wide in the hand.. Its grip is comfortable and there are no problems.. In the end, the design is traditional and the black color is not pleasant.

the screen 

A 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen with a notch without a hole.. Its accuracy is HD + .. with a frequency of up to 90 Hz.. If the screen was FHD +, it would be terrible in this category, frankly.. But it is impossible, of course!

The bottom edge of the screen here is a little big.. It needed a little less.. And the shape of the notch is old. Of course, there is no need for words.. The colors of the screen are very good and its brightness is high under the sun.

But of course, the fact that the screen is HD + not FHD + makes it lose when you compare it with an AMOLED screen with a resolution of FHD + at the same price as the Redmi Note 10  .. Note 10 will gain in more details.

But I would like to explain to you that the screen of Samsung is not too pixelated in displaying the content.. The complaint that I say a lot when I review a mobile with an HD+ screen.. Displaying the content here is acceptable..of course less than FHD+..but it is acceptable.

The screen here does not have a screen in the box.. You will need to buy a case and a screen for it.. The only advantage of the screen here is the 90 Hz.. which will play an important role in performance.

the performance

And when we talk about performance.. the processor here is MediaTek Helio G80.. it is found in cheaper mobiles.. but I want to understand that this is the same and more expensive Galaxy A32 processor .. Samsung sees that it is a great price.

Unfortunately, the type of storage memory here is eMMC 5.1.. I don't know why Samsung is so stingy with us in these things, even though they are not very expensive.

The performance of this mobile is not fully compatible with its capabilities.. I expected the performance to be weak when I heard the specifications.. but the performance is really good, smooth and fast.. I did not encounter any problems in using this mobile.. stable and fast performance, and at 90 Hz, you will feel that the world is very smooth when moving and browsing .

Graphical performance.. Pubg works on High HD.. Call of Duty works on Medium.. I will not tell you that this is the best performance you will get from Peggy at this price, but it is reasonable and there are no problems.. but it is not smooth enough that you can take it from any mobile with a Helio G95 processor like Redmi Note 10S , Realme 7 and Infinix Note 10 Pro .

The mobile heats up a bit with games, but it does not burn and its heat is less than the Note 10S when pressing on it.. In general, any mobile in the heat of course will heat up with heavy pressure on it.. but the mobile does not suffocate after pressing it for a while and its consumption increases the battery.

Safety and other factors:

The fingerprint here is on the power button and its performance is fast and does not make a mistake like a screen fingerprint.. You can pull the power button and bring down the notification curtain.. The Face Unlock, as usual, is not the fastest thing.

The mobile here comes with Android 11 with a Samsung One UI Core 3.1 interface.. The Core means that it does not have the Samsung secure folder in it.. but in a normal Dual Messenger to work two versions of the communication programs.

Here at Always On Display, but there are no many forms.. but it is there to show you notifications on the locked screen.. in NFC.. Samsung does not compromise on the NFC feature in mobile phones, even if its price, say, is a good thing.. and there is an additional microphone for noise isolation.. a need Very good.

The sound is Mono not Stereo.. The sound is average or below average, of course.. If you compare it to any Stereo mobile, it will be cheaper.. There is no real light sensor here.. The mobile uses the camera to be able to determine the light surrounding it and based on it it determines the brightness of the screen.. It does not feel that it is very late. .working mean.

The proximity sensor of the screen lock while you are making soft-wire calls.. It locks the screen and you make a normal call.. but it delays a little when you remove it from your ear.. and the most important thing to me is that it locks the screen so that no wrong commands are received and this works well.. and the mobile has it Recording calls.

Wi-Fi networks are average, as usual, the software filters the networks far from you.. but the communication networks are very, very good.. a terrible improvement in the performance of networks in Samsung in 2021 in its new mobiles.

the battery

The mobile battery is 5000 mAh.. The battery has a strong performance that can last you 8 ~ 9 hours and more with an open screen while you are running at 90 Hz.. Of course, because the HD + screen will save you a little consumption.. And consumption here is one of the strengths of the mobile.

But, as usual, the included charger is not fast enough.. a 15-watt charger.. It charges the battery in two hours and a little bit.. As usual, Samsung does not want to honor us with this issue of chargers until now.


The primary rear camera is 48 megapixels, with an F / 1.8 lens slot, with a real optical stabilizer.. The second camera is 8 megapixels, with an F / 2.2 lens slot, for wide photography, the third is 2 megapixels, macro, and the fourth is 2 megapixels, isolation, and the selfie is 13 megapixels, with an F/2.2 lens slot.

I compared the Galaxy A22 and the Redmi Note 10S.. Xiaomi has better image processing in the sun and better Dinamic Range.. But in the shadows both process images well, but the Note 10S details are more and the colors of the A22 look better.. The portrait is better in the A22 and the image cropping is more accurate.

Photography in internal lighting, Xiaomi excels in details, but the A22 is better from afar, and its colors are better and more realistic.. Photography in Night Mode. You will find Xiaomi that reduces the highlights, and this affects the shape of the final image.

The selfie in high-light A22 is not very nice.. the Note 10S the image is more correct, the contrast is more correct, and the image is more Sharp.. Either Indoor or in interior lighting you will find the Note 10S selfie is much less, and the selfie of the A22 is better and can outperform.. The Night Mode is better in the A22.

As for the rest of the video shooting, the mobile supports 1080p shooting and unfortunately there is no 4K.. and there is a friendly optical stabilizer, a powerful feature.. and the mobile has an additional microphone for noise isolation.

Galaxy A22 price

The 64 GB version with 4 GB RAM is priced at 3400 EGP

The 128 GB version with 4 GB RAM is priced at 3700 EGP

The 128 GB version with 6 GB RAM is priced at 4000 EGP

It is useful to install a 1 TB memory card and two SIM cards together at the same time.

The mobile is still out, and I completely advise you not to buy at these prices, because the price of the mobile is close to the Galaxy A32, and it can be more expensive, simple things too.. The A32 is better than it, at least in terms of screen resolution.

The mobile box contains a headset, but unfortunately there is no pod.. Supposedly the opposite, I cannot dispense with the pod, but I can use a normal headset.

Final opinion:

The mobile will be a good choice for Samsung fans who want a guaranteed company and a mobile that has no problems and a very reasonable alternative to the Galaxy A21s .. But at its current price, when compared to the Redmi Note 10S, it lost in most points, the most important of which are the design, screen resolution, processor, type of storage memory Sound, battery charging speed.

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