Strong and Successful Slimming Recipes in 6 Days

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Description: Strong and successful slimming recipes in 6 days, 9 days or 3 days. Choose according to your desire and according to the weight you want to lose. We o
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Strong and Successful Slimming Recipes in 6 Days
Weight loss


Strong and successful slimming recipes in 6 days, 9 days or 3 days. Choose according to your desire and according to the weight you want to lose. We offer you the method on the first diet magazine in the world of fitness , slimming and weight loss .

Before starting the program and the method or recipe, Diet magazine notes that the rapid loss here is water, retained fluids, and gases, not grease.

Strong and successful slimming recipes in 6 days

A set of recipes with a specific program to reduce your weight and increase your burning speed. Choose the most suitable for you.

Slimming in 3 days

Slimming in 3 days in a very easy way, and its delicious recipe is all we need

  1. A specific type of fruit.
  2. 3 liters of water, soak 3 cinnamon sticks and 3 chopped red apples. Drink throughout the day and repeat the process for 3 days.
  3. Eating throughout the day is the fruit of your choice until fullness.
  4. You can drink coffee, tea or any herbs.

With this method, you can lose 3 kilos of fluids and gases, and you will notice a difference in your skin and improve your sleep..but do not do this method without taking nutritional supplements. And do not repeat it every month, but every 3 months .

lose weight in 6 days

Can Tvqz up to 4 kilos in 6 days , depending on the weight was the more significant was the weight loss more than just follow the way and the food program for slimming  . First, you must stick to the daily drink.

  1. On an empty stomach, you should drink a cup of warm water with lemon drops and 40 minutes before eating.
  2. Morning breakfast for 6 days is 3 boiled eggs and a tablespoon of olive oil.
  3. Lunch is an apple and a banana for 6 days.
  4. Dinner consists of 200 grams of protein, a plate of lettuce and a tablespoon of olive oil.
  5. Coffee and tea are allowed.
  6. Drinking 3 liters of water is necessary.

Lunch can be replaced with dinner or combined into one meal before 6 pm.

lose weight in 9 days

It is one of the most successful that can be tried, and its results are wonderful, and its program is understandable and easy. We first start with the recipe that accompanies the food program, and also it should be noted that the weight loss is up to 6 kilos.

  1. The magic recipe is to drink 3 cups of water on an empty stomach daily and 3 3 hours after you stop eating.
  2. The first, second and third day is about eating all kinds of grilled meat as desired.
  3. On the fourth, fifth and sixth day, eat only fruits.
  4. On the seventh, eighth and ninth day, eat only fresh vegetables, and the quantities are unlimited.

These are the 3 most successful recipes with their programs for quick slimming, but they are temporary and not suitable for the long term and are only repeated every three months only.

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