The date of watching the match Valor Reykjavik and Dinamo Zagreb on 7/13/2021

The date of watching the match Valor Reykjavik and Dinamo Zagreb on 7/13/2021


The date of watching the match Valor Reykjavik and Dinamo Zagreb on 7/13/2021

The first qualifying round for the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League will conclude this week. On Tuesday 13th July we have the first round second leg match between Valor Reykjavik and Dinamo Zagreb and the match will take place in Vodafonevoloren in Iceland.


After the first leg match in Croatia last week, the draw is currently tied 3v2 in favor of Dinamo Zagreb.


FT | 90' + 5 Dynamo vs Valor 3: 2

⚽️Ademi 2x

⚽️Majer ( 11m ) #Dynamogrip


vs GNK Dinamo (@gnkdinamo) Jul 7, 2021

Valor Reykjavik played at Úrvalsdeild karla after a break without a game over the weekend. Although no game is played, they remain 5 points ahead of the second-placed team that has a game in hand.

So we have to go back to the first leg of this duel to find out when was Valor Reykjavik last. After only 8 minutes of play, they were one goal behind and were awarded a penalty before the end of the first half.

Dinamo Zagreb was in complete control, scoring the third goal in the 71st minute and it looked like the tie was over.

However, Valor Reykjavik had other ideas, and just two minutes before the end of the match, the Icelandic club managed to score two goals which gave them a good chance in this second leg.

Trends show that Valor Reykjavik is unbeaten in its last 24 home matches in all competitions. They have won their last 3 Champions League matches at home and that was 1v0 against Rosenborg in 2018.

Dinamo Zagreb travel to Iceland after their last appearance in the first leg of the match. Like the hosts, it was a week off for the Croatian club before this important match.

You will be very disappointed to enter this match 3v2. Dinamo Zagreb dominated the entire match in the 71st minute of the first leg, but knocked down their opponents in the match with two late goals.

Dinamo Zagreb set a bad away record in the Champions League recently and have only won one of their last 5 away matches. The victory came on penalties after a 2v2 draw with Romanian club CFR Cluj in 2020.

Trends show that Dinamo Zagreb have scored at least one goal in 9 of their last 11 Champions League away matches.

Team News and Valur Reykjavik could make some changes to the starting lineup compared to last week. Christian Koehler, Andrei Adolfson and Severer Heltest could all join the team.

Dinamo Zagreb could have had both Luka Ivanosic and Mislav Orcic at their disposal as both players missed the first leg.

This might be an uncomfortable evening for Dinamo Zagreb in the Icelandic capital, but they must have enough firepower to win the match.

It wouldn't be surprising to see a similar result from the first leg and expect the visitors to win the match and both teams score.


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