When Does The Doctor Order a Sinus X-Ray?

When Does The Doctor Order a Sinus X-Ray?

X - ray of the sinus is a test of electromagnetic energy is used to examine the sinuses, and the sinuses is filled with pockets of air (cavities) near the nasal passage, through a series of "Atmn yourself" identify the reasons for conducting X - rays on the sinuses , according to my University of Rochester American and Health line.

A sinus X-ray is simple and quick, and does not involve any instruments placed in your body through which the doctor identifies any problems in the sinuses, but it does not show a reason for the occurrence of this problem.

A CT or MRI may give better pictures of your sinuses, and you may have one of these scans instead of a sinus X-ray in some cases.

Why do you need a sinus x-ray?


You may need a sinus X-ray if your doctor thinks you may have:

Sinus injury

- Sinusitis



Sinus fluids


You may also need a sinus x-ray after sinus surgery.

Your doctor will order a sinus x-ray if you have symptoms of a sinus problem or sinusitis. Sinusitis occurs when your sinuses become inflamed, causing pus and mucus to build up in these cavities. This condition is usually caused by a bacterial infection that develops after a viral infection.

Sinusitis symptoms


A stuffy nose with thick nasal discharge that may look white, yellow, or green

Pain in your forehead, between your eyes, your cheeks, or your upper jaw

Puffiness around your eyes, nose, or cheeks

- Decreased sense of smell

Posterior nasal drainage

Fatigue and tiredness

- cough

-sore throat



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