Who is the Hohos girl?

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Description: Who is the girl object Alhohuiz that provoked a sensation, and ignited the anger of the Egyptian society for the suffering of the offensive passages o
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Who is the Hohos girl?

Who is the girl object Alhohuiz that provoked a sensation, and ignited the anger of the Egyptian society for the suffering of the offensive passages of public morality, and contrary to the ethics of social networking sites, so keen the contents of the site on the unveiling object girl Alhohuiz, and be her husband, and all the information related to that girl .

Who is the Hohos girl?

The Hohos girl is an Egyptian girl named Manar Osama, who was known by the name she chose for herself, which is the Hohos girl, or the Hohos girl. She shows video clips on the “Tik Tok” program with her husband, Osama , which angered the pioneers of social networking sites and the Egyptian government when Submitted from immoral content and contrary to public morals and Egyptian customs and traditions.

Hohos videos

The Hohos girl appeared in many videos wearing indecent and immoral clothes, and she also used to utter inappropriate and immoral words that violate the principles, customs and traditions. Egypt and its people, and also published immorality, immorality and sexual insinuations, verbally or in movement, during one of the videos that she posted on her channel. This is my only account, me and Josie, and I have nothing to do with people who download videos on Tik Tok.

Reporting a Hohos

Lawyer “Ashraf Farhat”, the founder of the campaign to cleanse the society, submitted a complaint No. 85101, through the Public Prosecutor’s page against the account of the Hohouz girl and her so-called husband, explaining that the defendants broadcast videos that incite immorality and immorality, as they were not satisfied with the indecent words , but they touched on religious matters, where taboos were analyzed, and they mocked the people of Upper Egypt, who are a sect of the honorable sects of Egypt with the intention of profit.

Examination of Hohos videos

On Sunday morning, July 25, 2021, the security services examined the videos of the Hohos being on the Tik Tok application. Security sources announced that the morality investigations are chasing the Hohos girl and her husband, after the spread of videos of them carrying immoral acts and suggestions. The public on the “Tik Tok” application, which spread on social media, during the last hours, after escaping from her apartment in Alexandria. Security sources also confirmed that the circulated videos of this girl and her husband were examined, and the circulated truth was confirmed, and the concerned authorities are working to chase and arrest the accused.

The arrest of a Hohos girl and her husband

Today, Monday, the security services of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior arrested a Hohos girl, and her boyfriend, who confirmed that they are not married, but rather a person who invited her to participate in the profits of her channel on “Tik Tok”. This came while they were hiding in Alexandria, and preliminary investigations revealed that the girl's real name is "Yasmine", who has been divorced for about a month, and the mother of two children.

Anger over a Hohos girl

The clips broadcast by Manar and her husband ignited the anger of many social media pioneers, demanding that Manar and her husband be held accountable. There were also calls for the Attorney General to intervene to delete these accounts to protect young people and children accustomed to using such applications.

Finally, we have clarified, who the Hohos is , what offensive content she provides, and how she was reported to examine her videos and then arrested by the security services in Egypt. 

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