Why Crying is Good for Your Health? I Know Why

Why Crying is Good for Your Health? I Know Why


Crying may occur when you go through a transient psychological crisis, and you may find your tears falling without any hindrance, and crying may also be the result of a health problem that affected your eyes and is not related to any psychological crisis, but these tears that may express suffering and pain may be beneficial to you and reflect positively on your health.

According to a report published on the Express website, sadness, anger and happiness can lead to emotional crying, as well as physical pain and eye irritation. Tears have a different purpose, emotional and physical, and they are both very beneficial.

The report identified several important reasons for crying

reflex tears

Reflexive tears mostly contain water and occur as a result of exposure to wind, smoke, or cutting onions .

Common eye infections

They often occur as a result of eye infections such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis due to bacteria, viruses, and allergens .

basal tears

Basal tears contain an enzyme called lysozyme, which is an antimicrobial and protects your eyes from infection.

benefits of crying

The report pointed out that reflexive tears protect the cornea and soothe eye irritation, especially since the cornea is the outer lens of the eye, as it controls and focuses the entry of light into the eye, and this transparent tissue is also a structural barrier that protects the eye from infections, so tears can be a protector of the cornea, Because reflex tears contain mostly water, they are good at washing debris from the eye and thus protecting the cornea from abrasion.

Tears play an important role in protecting the eyes from many diseases, the most important of which is dry eyes. Almost one in 10 women in the UK suffers from dry eye disease and requires artificial tears, and nearly a third of people aged 65 years or over suffer from Dry eye syndrome and will need to use artificial tears drops several times a day or eye ointment .

Experts pointed out that dry eyes can make vision blurry, so these tears help you see.


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