YouTube is Testing a New Feature to Reward Content Creators

YouTube is Testing a New Feature to Reward Content Creators 

Various social networking sites and platforms have transformed in recent years from a mere display space to a means of obtaining a living resource for many content makers, and many of these platforms are developing this, not only based on their capabilities, but also on the support of followers.

And a number of specialized sites, including The Verge, indicated that the YouTube video maker is testing a new tool called Super Thanks that allows users to support content makers, as users will be able to clap for the content creator by choosing from four price points ranging from two dollars to 50 dollars. (or equivalent in local currency). When a user purchases one of these four options, they will see a festive animation on the screen and a colored caption with their name appears below the video in the comments section. The creators themselves will be able to respond to these messages in the same way they would respond to regular comments.

According to the site, YouTube has been testing the tool under a separate name, Viewer Applause, for the past year. Before the Super Thanks label was adopted, and it's available in beta in 68 countries on desktop, Android, and iOS, Super Thanks is the fourth option YouTube has added for direct-paying content creators. The platform also offers channel memberships, which allow creators to offer monthly subscriptions. Then there are Super Stickers and Super Chat, which allow viewers to leave tips in the chat during the live broadcast. But when Super Stickers and Chats work on live feeds, Super Thanks can be used across all eligible uploads.

According to YouTube, content creators wishing to take advantage of the Super Thanks feature must be part of the YouTube Partner Program.

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