5 Health Benefits of Flaxseed, Most Notably The Treatment of Constipation

5 Health Benefits of Flaxseed, Most Notably The Treatment of Constipation


Flaxseed is a healthy grain full of health benefits, as it contains vitamins and nutrients such as vegetable fiber, protein and fatty acids, and the percentage of omega-3 essential fatty acids found in flaxseed is higher than any other vegetable source. In this report, we learn about the health benefits of flaxseed According to Real Simple.

Flax seed benefits


Great for digestion

For those with irregular digestion, flaxseeds may be key to relieving constipation, as they contain high amounts of fiber that may help improve digestive health.

 Flaxseeds are an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber promotes the movement of substances through the digestive system and increases stool mass. Eating a diet rich in fiber helps increase the size and weight of stools and softens them to help promote digestive movement and prevent constipation.

Good source of protein

Protein is an important building block for building bones, muscles, cartilage and skin, and flaxseeds are a great source of high-quality vegetable protein. One teaspoon of flaxseeds contains nearly 2 grams of protein, so flaxseeds are a lively, protein-packed option for those looking for alternatives to healthy sources. animal protein.

Contains heart-healthy, unsaturated fats

Studies show that the good fats for you are found in flaxseeds, and these fats are known as omega-3, and flaxseeds have been linked to many heart-healthy benefits, potentially lowering blood pressure levels, triglyceride levels, harmful cholesterol levels, and inflammation in the body, while helping to keep your body healthy. Increase levels of good cholesterol.

May help reduce cancer risk

Research has proven that flaxseed prevents the development of cancerous tumors, this may be because flax is rich in lignans (a group of bioactive compounds full of antioxidant properties) that may protect the body from cancer by slowing the growth of existing tumors, and one human clinical study showed that eating a pancake Containing 25 grams of flaxseed for 40 days has been shown to reduce tumor growth in postmenopausal women newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

Can help reduce skin inflammation

Not only are flaxseeds packed with internal nutritional benefits when eaten regularly, but they also have tremendous beauty benefits when applied directly to the skin. Since flaxseeds are rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3s, they can help reduce skin inflammation. Small studies have shown that women who used flaxseed oil daily resulted in improved skin elasticity, increased hydration, and brighter skin.

Should you grind flaxseeds or leave them whole?

It is recommended by nutritionists to grind flaxseeds to get the most out of them. Whole flaxseeds are not easy to digest and can pass through your digestive system undigested and you lose all the nutritional benefits, so it is better to grind flaxseeds, as they will be easier to digest, and therefore you are more likely to reap all the benefits. health.


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