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5 Ways To increase Obesity.. Deprive Yourself and Eat Nutritious and Filling Foods

Thursday, August 19, 2021
5 Ways To increase Obesity.. Deprive Yourself and Eat Nutritious and Filling Foods
Ways to avoid obesity


Obesity is a global health problem, and we all know that the traditional way to lose weight is to cut calories and exercise, but there are some easy, scientifically backed steps you can take to prevent obesity, instead of following a diet. In this report, we present 5 ways to avoid obesity, according to the website " eat this ".

5 ways to avoid obesity


1- Watch out for the slow crawl of obesity

One of the best ways to stop obesity is to prevent the slow and creeping weight gain that can occur over a long period. It is easy to consume 100 to 200 calories more than your body needs per day but over a long period this leads to weight gain.

Weigh yourself daily or at least once a week and if your weight is on an upward trajectory, you need to make changes in your lifestyle.

2- Don't let your body feel deprived

Do not make your body feel deprived, because it will cause changes in metabolism or the process of burning fat, which will waste your efforts to control your weight, and the solution here is to eat foods that lead to satiety, that lead to an improvement in mood and that contain the nutrition your body needs and not deprive the body of any Food preferred, but can be eaten in a small amount.

3- Eat nutritious and satiating foods

An eating plan that focuses on fruits, vegetables, fish and olive oil, while low on red meat, processed meat, and processed foods is one of the best foods to avoid obesity.

Focus on nutritious foods that will fill you up, not processed, high-calorie foods that won't make you feel full For example, when you snack, eat a handful of nuts instead of potato chips Nuts are nutrient-dense and rich in good fats that will fill you up and not make you feel hungry or nauseous .

4- Snack on fruits and vegetables

Snacking on non-starchy vegetables and fruits that are low in fructose can make you feel full, while preventing blood sugar spikes and crashes that can be caused by starches and sugars.

5- Resistance exercise

It is important to include resistance exercise as part of your exercise plan. Exercises that increase muscle mass are a way to boost your metabolism. They are also really beneficial for your health in terms of improving bone health, bone density and muscle mass.

You can just try to maintain an active lifestyle - being outdoors, walking, climbing stairs, doing some resistance activities and avoiding prolonged sitting.

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