6 Fruits That Help You Treat Constipation, including Oranges and Pears

6 Fruits That Help You Treat Constipation, including Oranges and Pears
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Constipation is one of the stomach problems resulting from the disturbance of bowel movements, which leads to problems in the digestive system, which results in abdominal pain and bloating of the colon. In this case, experts advise eating types of fruits daily, whether they are fresh or in natural juices or fruit salads, especially In the morning, to avoid feeling constipated throughout the day, and in the next report we talk about 6 fruits that treat constipation, according to the tuasaude website.

1. Orange


Oranges are rich in water, which helps to moisturize the bowel movement, in addition to the fiber that improves the movement of digestion, one orange contains about 2.2 grams of fiber.


2. Plum


Rich in fiber and a great food for the intestines, each black plum contains about 1.2 grams of fiber, in addition to providing the body with phosphorous, potassium and B vitamins.


3. Cherry


Cherries contain about 1.5 grams of fiber and only 33 calories, which makes this fruit good for the general diet and intestines. In addition, this same amount of cherries contains vitamin C.

4. Avocado


 Avocados are rich in fats that are beneficial to the body and gut health, in addition to promoting cardiovascular health and improving levels of good cholesterol.


5. kiwi


This fruit is good for the gut and weight loss systems In addition, two kiwis provide the daily requirement of vitamin C for adults and have a high power of antioxidants, which helps prevent diseases and improve skin health.


6. pear


Pear is one of the most important fruits that helps improve bowel movement, and for weight loss, you should eat a pear about 20 minutes before a meal, as this method reduces the feeling of hunger at meal time.



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