6 Years Old Children's Stories Useful And Beautiful

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Description: Stories for children 6 years old suitable for this age Four short stories for children that give an educational lesson about morals and the love of g
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6 Years Old Children's Stories Useful And Beautiful
6 Years Old Children's Stories Useful And Beautiful

Stories for children  6 years old suitable for this age Four short stories for children that give an educational lesson about morals and the love of good for others and not to despise anyone.

 Here  are  wonderful and interesting bedtime stories for 6-year-olds, the kind that six-year-olds love.

Children's stories are  one of the most enjoyable types of writing, and the child is more convinced of this at the age of six

 Because it is the period in which he distinguishes between fantasy and reality, and he enjoys imaginary events while following stories for children of 6 years.

Parents at this age are keen on accustoming the child to read to himself and help him read the  stories of children at the  age of 6 years so that they love reading and instill in his heart a love of books and a love of stories.

Children's stories  are the most beautiful and delicate topics in which parents instill in the hearts of their children good morals, good behavior and good and positive thoughts. 

Many parents seek to raise their children through  children’s stories  because it is the most pleasant educational door for that, and they are keen to accustom the child to reading for himself since the age of six. 

And they help him to do that by purchasing short stories for children of 6 years old at this age and encouraging him to read them.

From here in this section, we highlight to you the most beautiful stories written for children 6 years old on our distinguished site  Children's Stories and the following  is provided.

6 year old children's stories

The story of a man without a foot

Here a little boy was playing with his bicycle in a big yard, and he saw a big man without feet, walking on a crutch.

The child saw him, and for his innocence, he asked himself: Where did this man present the other?

The child approached the man and asked him: Blindness, where is your other foot?

The man laughed at the child and said to him: I will tell you my story so that you can learn from it.

When I was young, I was a naughty child who hurt animals and did not have mercy on them, and I loved playing with birds and hurting them what I did to them.

One day I picked up a bird and tied its leg with a string and started running with it. My mother was calling me and telling me, "Son, stop doing that to the bird, you're going to hurt him."

But I did not hear her words and continued running with the bird until the bird entered a crevice in the tree and got stuck in it.

Many years later I was riding on a horse, and at one point the horse became so angry that I could not control it, so I fell to the ground and my legs were caught and cut off.

My advice to you is, do not harm the animals, for as you condemn you will be condemned.

The child learned a lesson from the man, and since that time he does not harm animals or anyone, but rather helps animals and helps people because he believes that what he did to others will return to him, whether it is good or evil.

6 year old children's stories

The story of the strong lion and the weak mouse

There was a strong lion who feared all the animals of the forest except for a mouse that did not fear him, because he says that every animal and what distinguishes it and every animal and what makes it strong with its abilities from the other.

One day the lion was sleeping and the little mouse went to him and started to annoy him and make noises that bother him and run around and jump on his head.

The mouse disturbed the lion, so the lion woke up in anger and caught the mouse and tightened its grip, and the mouse began to growl in anger until it eats it with one bite and calms itself from its inconvenience.

The mouse shouted, begging for help, trembling in fear, asking forgiveness and begging the lion to leave him alone, saying: Forgive me, lion, I promise you that I will not repeat the deed, and believe me, I will not forget your kindness, and I will repeat this favor to you one day.

The lion laughed at the mouse's words and said to him: What kind of favor will you do for me that you can do, you weak little one? 

The lion mocked the mouse's words, as he sees himself as great, owning the entire forest, and he is its king and the strongest of its animals.

The lion left the mouse and released it from the intensity of his laughter and sarcasm, and then the mouse went towards the forest.

Days after that day, a group of hunters entered the forest and caught the lion and tied it well and then left it in the forest and went to the village to bring a cart to drag the lion with and take it to the zoo to show it to people.

The lion was sad because he had been caught and knew his fate and that the hunters were gone and would return in a few moments. The lion tried to break free from the ropes, but in vain.

The mouse passed that way, so he saw the lion in an unenviable predicament, the mouse rid the lion of his misfortune by biting the ropes that tied the lion until they were all cut off and the lion became liberated. 

The lion was very happy and thanked the mouse for saving him from the hunters, and said to him: You were right, mouse. Indeed, power is not measured by size, but by reality, and the strong must at some point need the weak.

The moral of the story: Goodness and favor are never lost, and ability is not judged by strength and size, just as the weak needs the strong, the strong also often needs the weak.

Children's bedtime stories 6 years old

The ugly duckling story 

One day in the fall, there was a duck sitting near its eggs and waiting for them to hatch, until it eagerly saw its young.

Days later, her eggs began to hatch one by one, and the first egg hatched, a little duck came out, and a moment later another hatched, and another duck came out, and so the eggs hatched until she had seven beautiful little ducks.

But there is another egg that has not hatched yet, and it is the largest of the eggs. The mother duck kept waiting for that big egg to hatch, saying to herself: This duck must be the most beautiful one, because it is large and has a slightly different shape, and it is the last one to hatch.

After a long wait from the mother duck, the last egg hatched, so the big surprise was that the big egg that hatched came out of a duck that has dark gray feathers that differ from the rest of the small ducks.

The mother was very sad because her duck was very ugly and different from her duck brothers, the mother did not like the duck as not everyone loved her.

Everyone is making fun of the ugly little duckling, telling her that she doesn't look like her brothers, and hurting her with that and hurtful words.

Everyone is calling her the ugly duckling, which makes her feel sad and despair, and the ugly little duckling decided to leave her mother and brothers and isolate to live alone, no one loves her because of her difference and ugly shape.

The little duck lived alone near a small pond and began to feel cold, hungry and lonely, while her seven brothers lived with their mother in warmth, which increased her sadness and hatred for herself and her ugly appearance.

And whenever an animal passed by her side, he mocked her and called her with hurtful words: O ugly duckling, you are ugly and do not look like your brothers ducks.

The ugly duckling could only cry because she was bullied so much because of her bad looks that no one liked.

Once an old woman passed by that pond where the ugly duckling lived, and the old woman took pity on her condition and suggested that she should live with her, and the ugly duckling pleased and agreed.

So the old woman took her home and began to vaccinate her and give her warmth until the ugly duckling's condition improved. 

After several weeks the duck got bigger and stronger, the ugly duckling went out to the garden and saw a flock of birds flying high in the sky.

The ugly duckling looked at her and admired the sight and said to herself: I wish I were as beautiful as those birds and soar in the sky like them.

The ugly duckling remembered that it was a duck, and that ducks did not fly, so she was very sad, especially when she remembered that she was different and that not everyone accepted her for the way she was.

After a long time passed and after the winter season, the duck grew up and changed its shape a lot. Once it went out to swim in a pool of water, so it saw the reflection of its image on the face of the water.

The ugly duckling was fascinated by its new shape, as it saw a very beautiful bird whose shape resembles those birds that fly in the sky, so she knew that it was in fact a swan and not a duck, and this is the reason why it differs from ducks, because when it was an egg, it settled with duck eggs by mistake.

The swan was very happy after knowing the reason for its difference and that it was in fact not an ugly duck but a beautiful swan that could fly in the sky.

The beautiful swan lived a happy life with the rest of the swans, and it began to fly in the sky, and all the ducks envied it, and whenever the swan saw the ducks in the pond, it thanks its God because it gave birth to a swan of enchanting beauty and not an ugly duck that everyone repels.

The moral of the story: Do not despise anyone and do not underestimate the beauty of anyone, for all his beauty distinguishes him and beautiful things you may not see, but there are those who can discover and appreciate them.

Useful stories for children 6 years old

The story of the poor fisherman and the little fish

Once upon a time, a poor man was fishing, and once he walked on the seashore to go to sea to catch some fish to feed his children.

The man caught fish, and on the way back the fisherman saw a small fish floundering out of the water trying to return to the sea before it died.

The poor hunter approached her and saw her afraid of him, the hunter wiped her and said: You are young and poor, you do not meet anyone's breath.

Then he brought her back to the water, so the fish was very happy because the good man saved her life and started jumping to express her great joy and gratitude.

The day passed and the poor fisherman returned to his house with some fish in his basket. His wife greeted him with tears in her eyes. The man asked: Why are you crying, my wife?

His wife replied to him and said to him: May God return her son to us, God has saved him from an inevitable accident, and thank God he is fine if it were not for God's mercy. 

The man remembered his incident with the fish, and that God saved his son as he saved that fish, and that the reward is the same as the action.

The moral of the story: Do good and you will find it, and have mercy on others, may God have mercy on you.

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