7 Basic Ways to Treat Toothache, including Clove Oil

7 Basic Ways to Treat Toothache, including Clove Oil
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The dental examination every 6 months the best way to prevent dental pain spam and reduce the problem in its early stages, where dental pain occurs without reason, in this report offer some quick tips to treat dental pain, according to a report site " GMT of md ".

Pain reliever drugs


 It is important to use a dental pain reliever, while paracetamol is the drug of choice for toothache relief. Doctors recommend that you stock up on diclofenac derivatives that are more targeted for dental pain, however, make sure you are not allergic to this drug.

Clove oil


It is an effective home remedy, just by applying some clove oil to the tooth works to relieve the pain in any open cavity where the nerve is exposed, and it also works well to relieve the pain of wisdom teeth.

ice box


In the event of trauma to the teeth, lips, or face, or if swelling or bleeding appears, placing an ice pack on your cheek will not only relieve pain, but also reduce swelling.

brushing teeth with salt


If all else fails and all you have is a pinch of salt, just put it in a glass of lukewarm water and gargle with it to soothe active gum infections.

dental floss


Toothache is often caused by food being placed in open cavities between the teeth. Use dental floss and remove particles for immediate relief.

Sensitive toothpastes


Severe sensitivity to temperature extremes can be reduced temporarily by rubbing sensitive toothpaste and leaving it on the teeth for a few minutes rather than brushing and rinsing right away.

Dental examination every 6 months


Dental checkups every 6 months is the best way to prevent an emergency situation and prevent the problem in its early stages.


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