7 important Tips For A Longer Life of Your Laptop

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Description: When you invest a large part of your money in buying a new laptop, you are definitely trying to benefit from it for as long as possible. For this reas
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7 important Tips For A Longer Life of Your Laptop

When you invest a large part of your money in buying a new laptop, you are definitely trying to benefit from it for as long as possible. For this reason and because you are not the only one striving to achieve this goal, today we bring you 7 tips to keep your laptop for as long as possible.

Keep the laptop away from dust

When you finish using your laptop, put it in a bag designated for it. This simple step will greatly reduce the amount of dust that reaches your device, which is the second biggest enemy of electronic devices after heat!

Keep the laptop temperature as low as possible

Surely you have read this advice hundreds of times, the number one enemy of electronic devices is heat. We recommend that you keep the laptop well ventilated and keep it away from any textiles that might block the ventilation holes, such as placing it on the bed or sofa. Following the first advice will contribute to reducing the dust collected around the fan and ventilation holes, which will be reflected in the temperature.

If you are one of those who play on their laptops, the above tips alone may not help you reduce the temperature of the laptop, so it is recommended to follow these additional steps:

Clean the vents and fans from dust and change the thermal paste once every year or a year and a half. If you do not have enough experience to complete these steps, we advise you to go to a competent person. I repeat a competent person, do not let anyone tamper with your device.

You can adjust your laptop's power settings as we did in this guide:  How to Effectively Reduce the Temperature of Your Laptop?

This step will help you reduce the temperature from 10 to 20 degrees. (Read the entire guide before following the steps).

Do not spray any liquid on the laptop and use the appropriate tools for cleaning

You may say it is a fool who exposes the laptop to liquids, but if you focus on it, you will find that millions do it by spraying water or a detergent in order to polish the screen or the outer body. This is very dangerous as aerosol droplets can enter the internal components and damage them.

Spray the liquid on pieces of the appropriate cloth and then wipe the portion you want. If you are cleaning the screen, use a piece of cloth similar to the cloth used to clean glasses.

Operate the battery properly

Unfortunately, it has become impossible to remove the laptop battery without removing entire parts of your device, which means that it is always connected to the device as long as it is working.

To maintain a longer battery life, connect the laptop to the power source as long as possible and avoid frequent disconnecting and unplugging the power supply. Be careful to discharge the battery charge (using the laptop without plugging it in) once a week.

If you are going to stop using the laptop for a while, keep the battery at about 50 percent charge.

Turn off the power

If you are a follower of Arab Hardware, you have certainly witnessed the burning incident of one of the motherboards in a live broadcast due to an electrical problem, although we have taken all necessary precautions to avoid electrical current problems in our headquarters.

You definitely don't want to repeat anything similar on your laptop so unplug it after you're done using it. A simple step that many forget may spare you from many of the problems that you are in need of.

It is better to use USB ports

As it is known, it is not easy to change the hardware or any parts of the laptop, so it would be better to maintain them, especially the USB ports that we rely on on a daily basis.

Using your device's user manual, locate the USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 port on your device. Avoid using this port frequently and only use it when you are transferring important data, installing Windows or transferring data from USB 3.0-enabled sources such as external storage drives to take advantage of the higher speed.

Buy a USB hub. This thing, even if you do not know it, is a small accessory with a USB port, and two or more ports can be connected to it from the other end, just like the electrical subscriber. This will be an important piece that you will rely on to connect your mouse, joysticks, headphones, USB flash drive and anything you plug and unplug from your device on a regular basis. At the same time, you'll ensure that your USB ports maintain a longer lifespan before you get into the nightmare of unplugging anything connected to your device just by vibrating it.

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