A Great Recipe of Alternative Medicine To Treat Foot and Leg Diseases With Herbs

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Description: A podiatrist can be considered a podiatrist. He or she can give you and your family tips on how to take care of your feet and what kind of shoes to we
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A Great Recipe of Alternative Medicine To Treat Foot and Leg Diseases With Herbs
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A podiatrist can be considered a podiatrist. He or she can give you and your family tips on how to take care of your feet and what kind of shoes to wear. It can also treat and relieve everyday foot problems including:

Toenail problems such as thickened, fungus or ingrown toenails Calluses

and hard skin Athlete's foot

wart Foul-smelling foot Dry and cracked heels Flat feet Bunions of the foot Foot and leg diseases Foot and leg care

The lack of foot care is very dangerous, as many people neglect to care for their feet, and sometimes they are the cause of many foot diseases. It has been found that six to seven out of ten people complain of trouble with their feet. If a person keeps his feet, he can rest his whole life without consulting a specialist.

One of the most important factors that affect the feet is the comfortable shoe. Therefore, the shoe must be chosen so that it is of a good type, rounded from the front, as the pointer is stuck in the toes, and the sole of the sole is flat and bendable, and usually the leather is considered the best material that combines softness, good support and ventilation. And the foot must be comfortable in the shoe, not in terms of length, width and depth, so as not to lead to crowding of the fingers in it or to impede blood circulation in the feet.

The shoe must also support the sole of the foot, not tight around the heel, and be about 2 cm longer than the foot. The rubber heel, and the inner sole of the sole help reduce fatigue arising from walking on hard ground. Also, you should not continue to wear shoes for a long time, and it is preferable to change shoes from time to time if you can, because this helps prevent the formation of what is known as calluses that arise in the foot from the length of friction and pressure on the same places on the feet.

The shoes in the summer differ from the winter shoes, as the feet in the summer need ventilation, so the shoes must be more spacious and made of a lighter and more porous material than the winter shoes. It is best when you buy shoes in the summer that you do not measure them until after you have walked a long distance, as the feet expand when they are warm, and walking is before you enter the place from which you will buy the shoes, and you must make sure that the foot does not suffer from pressure from any side of the required shoe. Buying them because that impedes the blood circulation in the feet, especially from the feet of women, and the best heels for women are the middle ones in height.. Because delicate high heels put the weight of the body on the thumbs instead of the heels, where the pressure should be.

If wearing sharp high heels is necessary for some women, then it should alternate from time to time with wearing low heels, as this is better than constantly wearing delicate high heels. Because constantly wearing high heels leads to shortening of the calf muscles, thus reducing the freedom of the foot and its ability to flex, as well as causing obvious pain. It also leads to distorted alignment of the foot, back pain, distorted posture, and may cause other problems. How alleviate the stress of the feet?

People who have to walk, stand or walk on solid ground for long hours are usually exposed to some ailments in their feet and some stress, and the fatigue associated with standing can be relieved by walking a little. Also, transferring the weight of the body from one foot to another during long standing times helps the blood flow in the feet and legs and relieves pressure on the blood vessels in them. Also, after the long walking process, the feet must be washed and cleaned well, then the person sits and raises his feet on a sofa or chair, as this relaxes the feet a lot.

Given that people’s feet differ from one person to another, as there are some defects in some feet, for example, a person who thinks that his feet are not normal should not use resistance shoes for that before consulting a doctor, as you may do what does not need to be straightened, and the person’s troubles in Such a condition may not be from your abnormal foot, but may arise from reasons other than poor shoes, the fringes may be inappropriate, for example, pressing on the fingers or bending them or making them walls or toes. The feet may get tired as a result of overloading the feet, especially in people with obesity.

Cleaning the feet and the exercises necessary for it Some feet may need simple exercises that help to strengthen them and correct the wrong gait. The person's problem did not seem to be bothersome, or he thought it was just weakness in the feet or in their arches, such as walking, which greatly improves the problems of the feet.

One of the problems that occur to many people is the sweating of the feet and the sweating of the feet may occur from the inappropriate drinkers, although the feet differ in the amount of their sweat, but the heavy sweat may be the result of emotional disturbances.

Sweaty feet are usually treated by wiping them with alcohol, after washing them well with soap and water, and then dusting them with a disinfectant powder such as talcum powder.

Since the nails of the toes have an important role in the health of the feet, they must be preserved in particular, as it is necessary to cut them straight without cutting the two corners of the edge of the nail on both sides, in order to avoid the nail from getting stuck.

People with diabetes and atherosclerosis should take care of their feet more than anyone else, as these two diseases lead to poor blood circulation in the feet and this may lead to ulcers in the feet. Therefore, a specialist doctor should be consulted to give the patient appropriate advice for such groups in order to avoid ulcers and what accompanies them. of complications.

There are children who need special care for their feet. At this age, they do not know anything about foot care. Therefore, the mother must when her child learns to walk to make him walk on a carpet to hold the carpet with the fingers, as this removes the arch of his feet and strengthens them, and when he learns to walk, we notice His feet are growing rapidly, and therefore his shoes must be changed accordingly, provided that they are wide in front and be longer than the foot by approximately 2 cm, noting that the back of the shoe is strong and not pressing on the heel, and that the sole of the shoe is supportive to the sole of the foot, flexible and little flexed, as the This reduces future symptoms for the child. The stockings should be at least 1 cm longer than the foot, and its material should be cotton or wool, and it should be far from the nylon type.

There are a number of herbs and vegetable oils used in the care of the feet, namely:

- Oak bark husks: Oak bark husks are obtained from a large oak tree that reaches a height of 45 meters, with deep-lobed leaves and a brown fruit similar to date fruit. Oak grows in the northern hemisphere and forests, and is also cultivated for its wood, scientifically known as Quercus roban. The used part of the plant is the scales and tannins caused by some insects. The bark scales contain between 15-20% tannins, as well as phenolic carboxylic acids.

Chamomile: We have talked in previous issues about chamomile flowers and their extensive uses, and we are talking about it today to treat ulcers of the toenails. Boiled chamomile flowers are used in the form of a drink by taking a tablespoon of chamomile flowers and placing it in a cup and adding boiling water to it until the cup is filled and then covered for a period of time. 5 minutes, then drink a cup at a rate once after breakfast and another after dinner, and the dose should not be increased more than this rate. It is also possible to use a boiled chamomile flowers as baths for the feet, where the amount of a fist of chamomile flowers is taken and placed in a pot, and about two liters of water are added to it and heated until boiling and left to boil for 10 minutes, then this boiled is poured into a pot that accommodates the feet and water is poured over it until its temperature is about 40 (It is warm) then dip the feet in it with a massage of the tired places and the sore of the nails and what is between the nails, and this bath is repeated once at night until healing is completed, God willing.

Onion Who among us does not know onions, which is considered one of the best antibiotics, as it is used to treat the problems of the feet in general by eating a medium-sized onion with breakfast and another at lunch or dinner. Kalbakha by cutting a quantity of onions in the form of round slices and then heated in a sheet without oil until the color turns slightly yellow, then cooled until it is warm and then placed on the place of the affected foot and tied with a piece of adhesive cloth. This method works when sleeping and is left until the morning where it is removed and the feet are washed with soap and water, and this action is repeated once at night until recovery, God willing.

The mixture of castor oil and olive oil is used to treat the callus known as the callus that occurs in a large group of people, where equal amounts of castor oil and olive oil are taken and mixed well, then the callus is massaged repeatedly for a quarter of an hour daily. At bedtime, this oil mixture is not only a treatment for corns, but rather a treatment for any other problems in the foot. After several days of using this mixture, the corns can be removed easily and easily.

Garlic and castor oil The mixture of garlic and castor oil is prepared by taking about two cloves of garlic, peeling them, then chopping them and mixing them with castor oil until it is like an ointment. Callus (callus).

Ground ivy leaves, a creeping and climbing perennial herbaceous plant, with kidney-shaped leaves and purple flowers. Part of the plant used leaves. Scientifically known as Nepeta glechoma, the leaves contain semi-monoterpenes, acid tannins, volatile oil, saponins and a resinous substance. The leaves are used in the form of a poultice to treat the callus, by mashing it well until it becomes like a paste if it is fresh or crushed if it is dry and kneaded with water and then placed on the callus like garlic for three consecutive days and tied to the cloth and glued i.e. like the previous methods.

Goat’s bitterness: Goat’s gall bladder is used on a very popular scale to remove the callus, by cutting off the head of the callus, then pouring fresh bitter water over it after removing it from the goats. The rest of the gallbladder is placed over the callus, tied with a cloth and adhesive, and left for 24 hours, where the callus is completely removed.

Algebra gum Euryops Algebra gum is obtained from the stems of a plant known as Algebra, which grows in the cold regions of the Kingdom. It is a small perennial shrub with striped leaves and small, dense flowers in which the end of the branches and algebra contain volatile oil, alkaloids, flavonoids, coumarins, and sulfuric substances. Algebra gum is used to treat cracks that occur in the heels of the feet in many people, and some of these cracks are painful and sometimes bloody. The gum is taken from the stems of the plant, then it is heated over a fire until it softens, then cracks are stuffed with it and painted with it. It is a proven and successful treatment.

Fenugreek We have talked in previous issues about the fenugreek, but we are talking about it today about its effect on the skin cracks in the feet, where it is crushed and used to fill a medium spoon and add to some cup of water and stir well and then drink or it can be spilled at a rate of three times a day and it is considered one of the good recipes For the treatment of cracked heels of the feet.

Sage Sage: Sage is used against sweating the feet, and it also limits body sweat. Fill a teaspoon of sage powder and put it in a cup, then fill it with boiling water, cover and leave for 5 minutes, then drink it once after breakfast and another after dinner daily until the sweat of the feet is gone. In addition, it can be Put a little alum powder in the socks when wearing them. Quoted from Al-Riyadh newspaper, Monday, Muharram 21, 1424, Issue 12694, year 38,

as well as propolis “Propolis”

- Bee gum has been used extensively since the nineteenth century, when it was used to treat cancerous tumors and wounds and in the treatment of calluses or nail nails that occur in a large group of people as they heat up. The glue until it melts and then works in the form of a small disk placed over the callus and tied with a band where the callus falls off with its roots after several days.

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