A Wonderful And Useful Children's Sleep Story About The Sacrifice of The Mother

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Description: Short bedtime stories for children, wonderful and useful, about the mother, the story of the apple tree is useful, one of the most beautiful stories
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A Wonderful And Useful Children's Sleep Story About The Sacrifice of The Mother
A story about the mother

Short bedtime stories for children, wonderful and useful, about the mother, the story of the apple tree is useful, one of the most beautiful  stories told by children,  short bedtime stories. 

Children's  bedtime stories help  prepare the child to sleep when they are read or heard from one of his parents.

Short children's stories  before bed open the child's horizons of knowledge and imagination and is educationally influenced by the role of the characters in the stories.

Through what the narrator reports on the events of a children's story for sleeping, and all  children's stories, the child's  personality is refined, his morals are developed, and he is given the characteristic of honesty, honesty and humility.

Short bedtime stories for children that reinforce good and moral behaviors in the child and make him feel compassion towards the needy, compassion towards the needy, and help the infirm and the elderly.

One of the most beautiful children's bedtime stories is the story of the apple tree. We present it to you on our distinguished website,  children's stories, and  invite you to browse more.

A children's bedtime story, an apple tree story 

There was a child who lived in a house, and near the house was a large apple tree.

The child loved the tree very much and liked to play with it and water it with water and sit under its shade and inspect it every time.

Whenever the child felt tired, he would go to rest his head on the tree trunk and fall asleep a little so that the fatigue would be removed from him.

And whenever he was upset inside, he went to the tree to make him forget what was bothering him and give him the psychological comfort he needed.

The child grew up a little and had something to distract him from playing with the tree. The tree felt empty when the boy was far away from it, as it clinged to him as well.

The child went out with his friends and played with them, and became far away from the tree and did not spend his time with it as before, which made the tree sad because the child no longer cared about it.

Days passed and the boy was away from the tree no longer checking it, one day the boy needed things to buy but he did not have enough money for that.

The boy went to a tree and told his concern to the tree, so the tree bent over him and offered him to sell some of its fruits to the one he needed to buy what he needed.

The boy was pleased and did what the tree suggested to him and sold the apples he had picked from the tree and bought what he wanted for their price.

The boy missed the tree again, so the tree grieved over this and began to miss the boy who was absent and no longer asked about her or visited her.

The years passed and the boy became young and wanted to build a house for him to settle in, and he needed tree branches to put on the building.

The young man returned to a tree and told it his need, so the tender tree suggested that he take its branches and relieve himself with them.

The young man rejoiced, and he took the branches of the tree and completed the building of his house with it, and he did not return to the tree after that, and he was absent from it, and no longer asked about its condition or inspected it, which made the tree sadder.

The years passed and the young man became a man, so the man needed to travel far by sea to a distant city to work, but he did not find a way to take him there.

The man returned to the tree desperately, telling the tree what was bothering him, so the tree bent over him and suggested that he take part of its trunk to make his boat and take it to the feast cities across the sea.

The man was happy, so he took part of its trunk and made a boat out of it, so he went and no news of him, so the tree grieved for his absence and his distance from it increased pain and sadness.

The man became rich and passed many years of his sojourn in distant cities and became the richest of the wealthy.

When the man returned to his country, the man passed by the tree, and the tree called him and asked him to stay with her for some time, as she missed him.

The man could not find enough of its trunk to sleep on, for the tree sacrificed all it had for him.

The man felt ashamed of what he had done to the tree and apologized to it because he was absent from it and no longer asked about it.

The tree accepted his apology and said to him: No matter how far you miss me, my son, and no matter how far you are, I will always love you, for I am your mother.

The tree was the mother who sacrificed everything she had for her children, and what she needed from them was for them to stay close to her because of her great love for them.

The moral of the apple tree story : Do not neglect your mother, for she is the most sincere person with you, and her love for you is the most sincere, and she is the only one who will sacrifice what she has for you.

And do not forget the favor of who stood with you, and who was the reason for achieving your goals in life, and ask about him from time to time and be with him in his times of need. 

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