All You Need to Know About Mouth Ulcers in Children

All You Need to Know About Mouth Ulcers in Children
mouth ulcers


Oral ulcers are wounds that form inside the mouth, whether they are on the tongue, gums, or even the lips, and there are various reasons behind the formation of mouth ulcers, ranging from vitamin deficiency to infection and mouth injuries, and during this report we will learn about the types and causes of  mouth ulcers  in children, according to the website " onlymyhealth ".

What are the types of mouth ulcers?

Minor mouth ulcers:

 Small sores that heal within two weeks without causing much discomfort, this type does not cause scarring.


Major mouth ulcers:

They are relatively larger than minor ulcers, are more painful and are deeper, can take several weeks to heal and may also cause scarring.


Herpetic ulcer:

These are non-infectious sores caused by a herpes infection. These are very painful and require medical intervention to heal fully and quickly. Children can develop these sores if they have herpes and should get immediate medical help.


What are the causes of mouth ulcers in children?


Mouth injury.


Heredity or a family history of mouth ulcers.


Vitamin and mineral deficiency.


Viral or bacterial infections.


Food allergies that can cause ulcers.



How to treat mouth ulcers in children?


Do not give hot foods to your child, feed cold foods.


Avoid adding spices to their food as it may lead to irritation and inflammation.


Ask your pediatrician for a soothing ointment for relief.


If your child has severe pain due to ulcers, you should get him checked out by a doctor.