An Effective Way to Lengthen Eyelashes

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Description: Everyone wants to get long, thick and strong eyelashes, so whoever wants to get long and thick eyelashes should try castor oil, as it is the most suit
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An Effective Way to Lengthen Eyelashes
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Benefits of castor oil for eyelashes lengthening

Castor oil benefits 


Everyone wants to get long, thick and strong eyelashes, so whoever wants to get long and thick eyelashes should try castor oil, as it is the most suitable solution to lengthen eyelashes. 

Castor oil 

It is a pure yellow vegetable oil that has many properties as we know, not only for eyelashes, but castor oil also has benefits for hair, and for the rest of the body. This oil is considered the best specialized cosmetic net for promoting eyelash growth.

Castor oil origin

This oil is obtained from the seeds of the castor oil plant. The oil is pure organic vegetable oil obtained from it

By pressing the seeds of the castor plant, the oil is considered safe for all ages unless it is overused

Castor oil ingredients

1. Vitamin E is responsible for preventing the formation of wrinkles and lines and greatly reducing the signs of aging

2. The fatty acids present in the oil help moisturize and nourish the skin well

3. Amino acids are present to moisturize the skin

Castor oil components improve hair growth by increasing blood circulation and keeping the skin highly moisturized and can also aid in wound healing. 

Castor oil is an ingredient in many products, whether medicines or cosmetics, and it is one of the components of many routine natural skin care products that are beneficial for the skin and hair. 

not too expensive

People spend a lot of money nowadays on expensive products to get satisfactory results that are not used often and are for short periods, there are many products that claim to enhance your eyelashes like mascara but in fact affect your eyelashes and make them fall out, organic castor oil is the best way To significantly improve the growth of eyelashes, so if you are interested in lengthening eyelashes, you should choose castor oil because it is the best solution for hair growth and is inexpensive compared to other expensive products. 

How is the oil used on eyelashes?

1. Use an eyeliner brush 

2. Dip the brush in the oil and carefully place it on your eyelashes

3. Apply the oil and leave it overnight 

4. It is useful to put the oil at night because it will take more time and the result will be satisfactory

5. Remove it in the morning with make-up remover 

Improves eyelashes lengthening

People of a certain age suffer from the problem of eyelashes breaking, which leads to the loss of eyelashes. The reason for this is that the eye tissues do not get proper nutrition due to the weakness of the skin tissues around the eye. Day after day, the hair follicles do not get nutrition and cause eyelashes to fall out when touched. 

Castor oil benefits 

It moisturizes the cells of the base of the eyelashes, provides proper nutrition, promotes the growth of eyelashes, prevents their loss, makes eyelashes strong and allows them to grow. You can also use castor oil to promote the growth of your hair. Here are the best ways to care for dry and damaged hair. 

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