Bedtime Tales For Adults - Stories of The Most Wonderful Things You Will Read Are All Fun And Useful

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Description: One time he overdosed on drugs and his life ended. His mother continued to swallow the pain of memories after the death of her only son due to drugs.
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Bedtime Tales For Adults - Stories of The Most Wonderful Things You Will Read Are All Fun And Useful
Bedtime stories for adults

Bedtime tales for adults exclusive to the masterpieces of stories blog. So let's enjoy reading the events of these interesting stories and take lessons and lessons.

Bedtime stories for adults - the story of the deceived woman

 A girl married a traditional marriage, that is, as they say, without a love story between her and her husband before the marriage contract .

She gave birth to a beautiful child and her husband was always busy working for his livelihood and the livelihood of his family.

The wife thought about helping the husband and asked him to buy a computer for the house. for writing training. To enable her to work as a secretary in a company.

Then she suggested to her husband that he access the Internet to save the cost of phone calls and the high costs between her and her family abroad.

The husband agreed, and because of the husband's constant preoccupation, the wife found the Internet as a means of entertainment, and every day she met a new person from a different country.

She's hooked up with someone she says she loves very much. So much so that she is always waiting for her husband to come out so she can contact him online via  Facebook .

The situation continued for a long time and one day during one of the calls. Her husband came home earlier than usual.

Confused wife and husband reading messages in the chat program. He was surprised by the immoral words written by that unknown young man to his wife and that he was inciting her to leave her husband.

He claimed that he wanted to marry her to complete his life with her because he could not live without her. He also read responsive responses from his wife and she was happy with this conversation and this communication.

At this time, the wife found nothing in front of her but to confess to her husband that she refuses to live with him because she is in love with this young man.

The husband divorced his wife and refused to allow the son to live with her. When the young man who was talking to the wife on Facebook learned about the wife's divorce from her husband, he disappeared completely.

The house was destroyed and the whole family lost their stability due to the internet and the fake story of the cheating wife.

The wife returned and asked her husband to forgive her. her but the husband did not agree to return her to his infallibility because of the mistake she made and because he no longer trusted her at all.

Bedtime stories for adults - the story of the reckless young man

A woman tells the story of her addicted son who died of an overdose at the age of flowers. She says that her son was successful in his life and excelled in his studies in medical school.

He played sports and excelled in it and won several championships. Despite all this superiority did not pray far from God Almighty.

His cousin was urging him to pray and draw closer to God, but my son did not respond to him. And one day when my son was at the club for training.

He got to know one of the guys in the club and then this guy introduced him to the rest of his group and his friends at the club. And my son started sitting with the group and learning to smoke from them.

Then they gave him a cigarette stuffed with banjo until he became addicted and when he reached the point of saturation with the drug. He started looking for another drug that was more effective than banjo.

He became addicted to it and was visited by his cousin during that time. He advised him a lot and showed him that faith was the best way out of this addiction that had seized him but my son was stubborn and continued to use drugs.

One time he overdosed on drugs and his life ended. His mother continued to swallow the pain of memories after the death of her only son due to drugs.

It started with banjo and ended with heroin and death. What added to her sadness was that she did not order him to pray since his childhood or after he became a young man.

Bedtime stories for adults - the story of contentment is a treasure

A young man working in a government job characterized by obedience to God and decent morals. He married his colleague, who was also of morals and religion.

A few days after his marriage, his older brother's wife began living in an apartment below them. She brags about her money, luxurious furniture, many household utensils, and gold.

Where the older brother literally works in the electric field and has an income that is twice the income of the spouses. The older brother's wife kept bragging and despising the spouses.

Her anger increased when she found her brother-in-law's wife smiling and not caring about her words, and when I asked her why she was cold and not jealous of her.

She said to her because the livelihood is in the hands of God and because I always feel satisfied, especially when I look at those who are less than us in money and livelihood.

As our Noble Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said, “Look at those below you, and do not look at those who are above you, for it is more appropriate that you do not despise God’s blessing upon you.”

The wife was angry at the response and in the evening asked her husband to interrupt his brother and his wife. The husband refused her request and told her that this was my only brother and that I would not be severing ties of kinship.

The Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said, “The womb is attached to the throne.” It says: “Whoever joins me, God will connect with me, and whoever cuts me off, God will cut him off.”

A year later, the younger brother had a child, and his brother was happy and pleased with it, but the older brother's wife was very sad because she had not given birth.

Four years have passed since her marriage, and she learned from the doctors that she was healthy and had nothing to prevent pregnancy.

The older brother was angry with his wife for not congratulating his brother and his wife on the newborn. Then he said to her: I promised my brother that he would not tell you what you are going to hear now, but I must do it.

I swear to you that if it wasn't for my brother's favor on me, I wouldn't have married you because he is the one who gave me his inheritance on the piece of land that I sold to pay your dowry.

When he learned of my love for you, I often tried to return him even a part of the money, but he refused. The wife was sad and then went to her brother-in-law and apologized to him and his wife for what she had done.

She congratulated them on the birth of their first child and asked them to forgive her and her husband for their shortcomings with them.

The husband said: "My brother did not fall short with me, and if he had not stood by my side after the death of our father, I would not have completed my university studies."

The older brother's wife marveled at the two brothers' love for each other and knew she was wrong when she tried to break them up.

She began to mend her heart with supplication, prayer, seeking forgiveness and good deeds, so God granted her pregnancy and childbearing after she had almost lost hope of having children.

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