Cases of Longing For The Husband #11

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Description: The wife may live in a miserable state full of the pain of longing for the husband, especially if love fills their marital relationship, so we put you
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Cases of Longing For The Husband #11
Cases of Longing For The Husband #11


The wife may live in a miserable state full of the pain of longing for the husband, especially if love fills their marital relationship, so we put you cases of longing for the husband in an intense and short way, now change your status on your WhatsApp or on other communication programs and express your longing for the absent husband, these cases are considered One of the most recent cases of longing for the absent husband, the traveler or the parting, it is appropriate in any case. After reading it, you will know that it is new and special. You, dear wife, can choose one of these cases and change your old condition.

Cases of longing and love for the husband:

Here and first, we put for you cases of longing filled with words of love and romance to make him feel what you feel and come back quickly to you. You can also modify them in the name of your husband or modify them with better words if you can. Now choose the most beautiful case of longing and be and be unique in it from others.

  • My husband, I missed you so much that I cried.
  • To my other half, I can no longer bear your absence, when will we meet?
  • I miss you so much, I miss all your details.
  • My man, I loved you so much, my longing is now hard for me.
  • Every time I hear a song I remember you and the best moments I lived with you.
  • My husband, is there anything more precious than me that you wind up doing.
  • I miss you in the second thousand times, my love.
  • To my dear husband, did my longing not reach you?
  • Someone sends sacks of yarn, because I want to miss my husband.
  • I still miss or miss my husband.
  • Lord I miss my husband a great longing for me.
  • If I hear Elisa's voice automatically, I miss my husband, who knows where his land is.
  • I miss my husband very much, Lord, bring me to him soon.
  • For the sake of longing, I miss my husband and it is enough.
  • I miss my husband after him and get annoyed with his proximity.
  • I write everything I miss you.
  • Take me on my longing and leave your absence.
  • I hate my longing for you and I can't come to talk to you.
  • I ask you, are you all right, and Shawky did not go too far.
  • My longing for you transcends all names, beyond the question that it is just a feeling.
  • My husband does not go away, so my longing for you increases.
  • I responded patiently and what did not help, my longing and my longing increased.
  • I miss my life, nor am I alone. My longing has reached my limit, and you have forgotten my longing.
  • My longing for you is a longing lover for all your details.
  • My longing for you beats the drums inside my head without stopping.
  • My love for my heart, my longing for you is limitless, and every beat has happened to you.
  • I miss your voice every second it breaks my heart.
  • He and Luhan and my longing for him on my sad eyes that.
  • My husband is my soul from my longing. I asked the universe about your condition. How are you?
  • With the rising sun every morning, I say that our meeting will not be long, and as soon as the night draws its clothes down.
  • My husband, I see my longing burn my ribs.
  • I missed my husband until I drowned in its details.
  • Do not have to longing now for our unique integration, an unparalleled madness.
  • My love, you see that I have nothing but you and my longing, my closest friend.
  • Even my longing for you will be quiet, silent, not speaking a sigh.
  • My longing for his voice has reached its limit, and may God give me patience.
  • I don't keep the conversations in vain, I feel it is forcing my longing.
  • My longing for him, my soul for him, all for him.
  • I miss you and I miss your cooking at the end of the night.
  • As if I miss you, I'm afraid to forget your look.
  • And the word I miss you breaks your pride. ㅤ
  • I miss you and all of us in a country.
  • I feel your perfume on my clothes I miss you.
  • I miss you, I miss everything, your voice, your laughter, and everything at home, I lost you.
  • I know my husband I don't just love you, I am infected with you, and the more I miss you, the worse I am.
  • I miss you, and this is not my mind or my condition. Please reassure me. You miss me. You forgot to stay up and sleep.
  • My husband yearns for you, and I stop at the door of my heart and ask you, if I cried because of God and I miss you, do you know that I miss you.
  • I miss you so much.
  • I miss you tricks and longing for you are getting more expensive, after all the merits.
  • Oh God, I miss you, thank God, Lord.
  • I miss you and you console me, I wish you would reply and ask you.
  • I didn't tell you that I miss you a lot and that the story in your biography is like the remains of your pureness.
  • I miss you.
  • And my crazy husband's voice didn't say I miss you, silence contains me and forget who I am.
  • Do you know why I adore my frequent absence because of the word “I miss you” pronounced.
  • And I tell you the feeling of the night, I miss you as much as the sky and more.
  • I miss you and I know what I miss.
  • I miss you, my sweetest friend.
  • I miss you more Wayne Hilgheba.
  • I can't hide you, I miss you more tonight than usual.
  • If I tell you that I miss you, you can come.
  • I miss you to the point that every thought is like you, and every passing voice seems to me to be you.
  • My features play with nostalgia, I miss you.
  • Look at my eyes and see I miss you, anxious about your appearance and unfamiliar, glory be to anyone else.
  • I miss you so much and I can't tell you how much I miss you.
  • Want honesty all the story I miss you.
  • I miss you once.
  • I tell him I miss you so much.
  • I yearn for your hands to cover me with their tenderness, longing suffocates in my chest, screaming I miss you.
  • Absent: I don't know what to write, I just miss you so much.
  • The meaning of helplessness: I killed you and cried.
  • I mean it with everything I got I miss you.
  • I miss you when the next day comes.
  • I miss you dearer than my soul.
  • After my life, I miss you and my Lord until I miss the stories of the jinn that you always tell me.
  • I miss you, my soul, who loves you.
  • Who passed through my imagination now I really miss you.
  • To the beat of my heart all I want is to talk to you and tell you that I am dying of longing for you. I retreat for fear of disturbing you.
  • My dear husband, and if you are reading, I really miss you.
  • All the story I miss you, I command and do not command you, me and my heart, my love, my love, I and my heart are in your hands.
  • I wish we were neighbors. Whenever I miss you, I started asking you for onions.
  • I don't know what to write to you, but I miss you and miss you.
  • My dear husband is on the path of love, and I say to you, “I miss you.”
  • I miss you, you know how much patience left me, and I told you: I miss you.
  • I have nothing to say but I miss you.
  • To the affectionate husband, you p Bali I miss you.
  • And his crazy voice did not say I miss you, silence contains me and forget who I am.
  • I would lie to you if I told you what I miss you, I miss you a million times I miss you.
  • I miss you and the feelings and that hold you, who possessed the eyes and the heart of her shepherd.
  • My husband, my darling, I miss you, and I know that you are what I miss.
  • To my dear husband, as usual, I miss you.
  • I did not forget or forget you, nor did I forget you, you are my heart and I did not leave you for anyone else, I miss you.
  • O faces missed my eyes for years I miss you and I miss those features.
  • My love, I miss you and I don't know how to tell you.
  • The heart is yours, and the mind is preoccupied with you. You took the two most important things.

Cases of longing and reproach for the husband:

Cases of longing with romantic words of reproach These cases are especially for married couples who separated because of a problem and the long wait for them or for the husband who missed a lot and did not care about his absence, now put my dear wife a case of her and express your longing and sadness at the same time.

  • All the reasons for reproach were from my longing for you.
  • My husband, and you cross me with some fatigue and mix me with some sadness as you pass by turning to others, leaving my longing to practice the Enma dance.
  • Yagali hidden my longing behind my back.
  • Do not blame me, my love, even if my longing is stingy, the ribs are secrets and my feelings are a country.
  • How do I defeat the bitterness of my longing for you that passes me every minute.
  • My husband is looking for a small stone or a port to put a little of my longing in.
  • Oh dear, my soul is as tall as you, despite my longing.
  • This time my longing overcame me and I came to you, but the next time I trampled my longing and my heart after.
  • My husband longing for you my ears a lot and I miss your hug.
  • My husband I miss you and find it from the first and I knew and then if I miss I will not know.
  • A lot of stubbornness that happened between us and what was created by our feeling: love and feeling I miss you.
  • I generally miss you.
  • I miss you.
  • My husband, and if I told you I miss your talk, will you come?
  • I tell him, "Yahweh, in your absence, I miss you. I've been waiting for you, Oliver, the feelings."
  • My dear husband, I miss you, as long as you have the same feeling that expresses feelings for me.
  • Rotate a shorter path than chance I miss you and my hands on my patience.
  • I miss you who forgot what you asked alive and I did not die until your messages about me gave up.
  • I miss you desperate words and full of pain.
  • My beloved husband, I miss you, can I say it while we are upset?
  • Guati Shi broken Shi strange I Mo Ali each other.
  • My husband, I miss you silently. Do you hear the noise of my longing?
  • Even if I don't ask you for loyalty, you ask me for my sake, I miss you and I miss you what I miss.
  • Some conversations are enough for us, even if they are empty, as if someone tells you I miss you.
  • My husband, I feel that I miss you, but I do not believe.
  • My other half I miss you, you felt me ​​dry, and I left you.
  • When do you yearn and take my ribs, the homeland of nostalgia, and the hour has passed years and “I miss you.”
  • I am tired of losing in absence: tell me that no one has passed after you in my memory.
  • My leg I miss you and the stubbornness of my longing, your father is near me, but I don't want to start talking.
  • Congratulations my love, I miss you once.
  • I miss you, the abandonment that squandered my laughter was treachery and I left you.
  • My husband, I miss you, and I know what you think, you know who lives the lie and "believes it".
  • I don't want someone who has changed me to come back to talk to me, and the problem is he said I miss you.
  • Dubai: Maha my love, I miss you. Me: it's been a day and a half, and I gave you permission, don't be afraid.
  • My husband confessed to you, God gave me longing and you denied it, I missed you and did not tell you.

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