Cases of WhatsApp Love And Spinning #14

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Description: Today we put a lot of love and spinning cases for your WhatsApp and in various forms of romance that contain the words of love and spinning and in var
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Cases of WhatsApp Love And Spinning #14
Cases of WhatsApp Love And Spinning #14


Today we put a lot of love and spinning cases for your WhatsApp and in various forms of romance that contain the words of love and spinning and in various sizes, very short to fit the size of WhatsApp cases and somewhat long as well, there we also provided love and spinning messages for WhatsApp that you can also use in the form of cases for WhatsApp For you, many lovers are trying in a new way to express love and flirt on the other side of love through WhatsApp cases, today you can draw a look full of love, tenderness, romance and flirtation to the lover or the girlfriend, the fiancée, the fiancée, the husband and the wife in one of these cases of WhatsApp flirting.

Short cases of love and spinning

These short cases are considered one of the most beautiful cases of WhatsApp love and spinning at all, you will certainly know that they are very beautiful when you read them and you will definitely choose a spinning case for WhatsApp or a love case and you will be distinguished in front of your beloved.

  • Come when the world Tzalk I Dnitk second and your satisfaction.
  • I wish him for all the wishes, the joy in his eyes will be permanent.
  • Reassure you that you have found someone similar to you among them.
  • My heart will remain in love with you until nothingness.
  • Glimpse your eyes and all the temptation is over.
  • I shorten my life with your eyes, I shorten my joy with your words.
  • Other than your proximity, I don't think I have a second wish.
  • Every flaw I love about you except your absence.
  • Oh grace, you broke my heart.
  • A permanent wish, may God bless you.
  • They see me exaggerating your description, and I see that I have not had enough.
  • Oh God, what is written between us parting.
  • Always comes before the junctions signs of either heaviness or dryness, or persistence.
  • Some actions hurt us, but we smile out of love for their owners.
  • Oh like wellness, oh the most beautiful thing I know.
  • Happy eye who happened to smile.
  • The title of my story is you and its end is I love you.
  • I wish I could hug you for a long time.
  • Far from meeting or not meeting the heart you.
  • I implied your words as long as your chest is far away.
  • It hurts when the eyes reveal the language of tears, longing for distant souls.
  • Invisibility of suffocation.
  • What suits me crowded, let me stay alone.
  • He looks at me and blocks him from me and reads about it.
  • In the middle of the story he smiled and I forgot what to say.
  • We are arrogant in our feelings, we forgot our eyes are talking.
  • Unconsciously, all of my happily ever after imagined you with me.

Cases of love and spinning

This is also you should read before choosing a new status for your WhatsApp, you will definitely like it too and you can choose one of them and it differs from the previous group in that it is only somewhat long love and flirtation cases.

  • Oh longing, it is enough, do not let him rest, oh longing, it is enough to hug him in my absence.
  • I got you clouds of love and longing and a feeling I got you poems that contain all my self.
  • I wish it would come back on the face with features that hide the glimpse of distress in us.
  • I lived with you the best stages in my life I was your father, you came to your father, and I went to your father.
  • In my eyes, your love is greater than my words. Let her tell you what I did not say.
  • I look forward to seeing you and my money with you. I imagine you all the time and I miss you.
  • I miss you the longing of passion for distances, and I miss you the longing of the moon for the nights.
  • If my eyelids fall asleep, you are the last, and if I wake up, you are the first on my mind.
  • Do not belittle me about the weather and its beauty is your zine, the beauty of the atmosphere in my eyes.
  • And I love you so much that I am bothered by jealousy over you, and the more I hide my jealousy and more.
  • What hurts me the most is that you know that everything I write is meant for you, and you are still reading silently.
  • Every day that passes, I wonder why most of my beautiful things are old.
  • Longing takes me to see your eyes, drawing the features of your image in my imagination.
  • The most beautiful tales of longing inhabit your tongue, and the most precious minutes are all the day I tell you.
  • I see something in you that I have not seen with anyone else, O collector of whom I love, how I do not love you.
  • I am not connected to you by a need, but by a pulse, a breath, and a life.
  • Nothing is more beautiful than you and nothing is happier than me while I am with you.
  • Since the first conversation with you my heart whispered to me I'm on the verge of life.
  • My news today is like my news yesterday, I love you from the beginning of the world to the end.

Cases of spinning for the lover

  • Your voice is thirty ghazal poems written by Al-Badr and sung by Abdul Majeed.
  • I swear to God, you are my love, because life ends.
  • For someone in my heart forever: You are the comfort of my life and you are the lover of my sweet and bitter moments.
  • Neither poem nor ghazal satisfies your beauty.
  • Whisper to my heart, dear, but above all, Mabek hides the story of longing from me.
  • Between the blessing of your presence and the beauty of my life in you, may God keep you for me.
  • If my love for you was a sin, then let me love you by night and ask forgiveness by day.
  • My mind, if I see you, I will shorten all the stories and embrace you.
  • I announce to the morning that you are my morning, the beginning of my words, my peace of mind, and my heartbeat.
  • And if I love two, I love you and your eyes.
  • Come Asamrk spinning, and Tnmin Khajlanh.
  • You are one of the many things that you have not seen.
  • I pretend I'm ignoring you, but I really miss you.
  • Come Asamrk spinning, and Tnmin Khajlanh.
  • I plant in everyone something beautiful, if it is not love, let it be respect.
  • If the flies smelled your feet, they would leave the trash and come to you.

Love and spinning messages for WhatsApp

These are words of spinning and love that you can share in the form of love and spinning messages for your WhatsApp with your beloved or beloved.

  • I want you to take care of yourself a lot. I really want you not to come close to something that hurts you and always remember that you mean a lot to me.
  • We write spinning that turns groans and wounds, we bleed thoughts that carry dreams of bereavement, and we live in the world of Twitter without a soul.
  • Looks inspire me to you that you are the talk of the evening, the heartbeat and the features of the sky, O spinner that the heart spoke and melted the heart, O woman of steel with a heart and fabulous features.
  • Come and drink from my cup of coffee, your love is a cup of coffee, it tastes like cardamom, your love and loyalty to it, and the fire is my longing in the midst of those trials.
  • I miss you all when you hear our songs.
  • Not everyone who wrote about sadness is wounded, nor is everyone who wrote spinning a lover, just thoughts that come to mind and go away. Ordinary, send about sadness and peace of mind.
  • A husband said to his teacher wife: Pomegranate morning, you are disabled before Ramadan. The wife replied: Morning sweetness with the return of the allowance.
  • I wish I had someone who would write me poetry and quit spinning meanings and letters.
  • My longing for your voice drives me, and I drive it to anything other than your voice that explains the chest, as tired as honey.
  • I adore you. The word of love I adore you is never a word. If I say it, I would cry from the bottom of the soul. It is all the words that shorten all the letters, I told you.
  • Happy morning, who communicates with me with taste and happy morning, enlightening my first morning I say to every creature and the second to the eyes of my soul and my life.
  • I am proud of the paradox, but I did not get tired and did not give up my opinion, even if my tears came down until I came to tweet about doubt, I wrote between every two tweets parting a tweet of spinning.
  • Poetry is as if you care, jack for your eyes, for a poem, what keeps you safe, the poems return the feelings of your fascination, I become a poet of spinning, all for your sake.
  • Do not care about the injustice of the days, dear chest, let it pass like what others have done before.

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